Meet a Wedding Website Developer in New York, NY: Cordially (4)

Meet a Wedding Website Developer in New York, NY: Cordially (4)

Today’s wedding vendor interview is with Magdalena Lipinska, creator of Cordially (New York, NY) a highly customizable wedding website. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

My name is Magdalena and I’m a software developer with a great passion for design. When I was organizing my own wedding I realized that none of the existing wedding website builders offered the personalization level I needed. For my wedding I needed not just one wedding website; I needed roughly 50 different websites, one for every invited couple. Seeing this obvious gap in the market, I created with my mission being to create a wedding website that feels very unique and special for guests – when the invite is received it looks equally as stunning as if a beautifully calligraphed paper invitation had landed through the letterbox. In fact, my idea was that these individual bespoke websites would replace the printed invitations.

Cordially re-imagines the wedding website as we understand it today and turns it into a truly personal wedding invitation hub. Each guest becomes the center of attention with everyone getting a unique link to a website where their name and personalized wording plays a central role in the design. This level of customization together with versatile designs, cutting edge web technology and email analytics in place makes Cordially a useful and beautiful tool for collecting RSVPs and ensuring the guest’s interest is garnered.

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WEdding Website Photos 1

Fun, functional and free, Minted’s wedding websites are a wonderful place to show off your creativity and fast-track information directly to your guests at no additional cost. Think of it as your very own personalized digital hub for all things related to your special day. Plus, you don’t have to be tech savvy to create one. Whether you consider yourself a modern couple or not, there are many perks of this unique wedding technology to take advantage of throughout your wedding planning journey!

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Riley & Grey wedding website photo

We love wedding websites — such a great online way to showcase your wedding! We’ve partnered with wedding website provider Riley & Grey to let you know some great tips and tricks to make your wedding website shine. Enjoy!

Yep, wedding websites are the new norm. And just FYI, that’s a good thing. Long gone are the days of scrolling through endless email chains and manually counting collected RSVP after RSVP after RS— you get the picture. Ultimately, your wedding website should significantly relieve your planning stress, not add to it. If you pick the right provider, editing your wedsite should actually be, dare we say, fun (think: an easy, electronic wedding DIY).

But you know, a few pointers never hurt, so here are some of our insider tips and shortcuts for creating an amazing wedding website.

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