Meet a Wedding Videographer in Williamsport, PA: Glassed Up Studios (4)


Today’s wedding videographer interview is with Tyler of Glassed Up Studios, based in Williamsport, PA! Enjoy:

Tell us about your company, how did you get started?

My name is Tyler Beaver and I own Glassed Up Studios. I got my start in the wedding industry basically by accident on June 1, 2013. I had been making videos of random things since 2006 and then graduated from Penn State University with a degree focused on television production in 2012. I then began a web series based around hunting a few years prior that gathered quite a local following over the last 5 years. So, my work had been seen and people knew I did video for quite a while. It just so happens that my cousin, Ashley, was getting married on June 1, 2013 and since I was with her and her husband the night they basically started talking, I was in the wedding. She asked if I could find a way to film their wedding for them and be in the bridal party. I told them I could have my brother film certain parts that I wasn’t able to and, since it was my first wedding, would do it as their gift for free. Long story short, after I made their highlight for them, I booked my very first actual client weeks later and the rest is history. After just two solo years I added another videographer/business partner to the mix in Dave Wakefield and we are starting to book weddings a year or two in advance! It’s unbelievable how fast it has taken off.

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