Peach and Blush Southern Garden Wedding (5)

Today’s gorgeous real wedding brought to us by Eric Boneske Photography (Wilmington, NC) is brimming with lush florals and sweet moments! Here’s Eric to tell us more:

Danielle and Jason were a great couple to work with. Danielle was very laid back throughout the planning process but always had a clear vision for the day that she wanted.  Florals were a priority to her and I knew that Jeff with Design Perfection would be able to bring her vision to life.  Along with great flowers we were able to rent a bar set up as well as some specialty tables to use throughout the design.

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Get to Know a Wedding Photographer in Wilmington, NC: Tom Sapp Photography (1)

Today’s interview is with one of our Certified Lovely wedding photographers, Tom of Tom Sapp Photography based in Wilmington, NC! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

I live in a tourist destination location expected to double in population in the next year. It slacked off for a few years while people were building back their spending money for that celebratory beach vacation. I didn’t mind. To me it just meant I could fish more. The population increase makes for a positive outlook in terms of continuing to live the lifestyle I love, the only one I have known since being under my parents wing.

I’ve been in business since 02 for myself after photo school and assisting for a few years. I haven’t really had to do much to stay in business since I moved back to my home area in 2004. For a long time I thought the force was strong in me, guiding me. I love sci-fi movies, fishing for big game fish right off the beach where I live. I love going around in my boat at night with bright lights looking down to find beautiful live conque, clams, scallops and giant flounder.

Everywhere I go around globe I see beauty. This area, eastern NC, is a part of who l am on the inside. Here I don’t just see beauty I feel it everywhere, all around me. This definitely helps with staying positive and making people happy for a living.

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