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This super helpful checklist, brought to us by Wedding Forward (Toronto, ON) will help you keep track of everything that needs to get done for the big day! Enjoy:

The moment he proposes is one the happiest life moments. But when emotions subside, wedding checklist seems to be the first thing a practical bride starts thinking about. After all, it is your big day, and it needs a lot of careful planning. Thus, writing everything down won’t help: you need to organize your ideas in order not to forget. A wedding planning checklist is a must-have when you start planning your wedding. It shows you all the tasks that you need to do, and it can be organized as a timeline or by category. Don’t worry, here is The Complete Wedding Planning Checklist from Weddingforward to get you through. Meanwhile, let’s take a brief look at the wedding planning tasks.

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Essential Role of Wedding Planning Checklist

No matter how detailed all your previous dreams about your wedding were, your wedding is a very big event. It has a lot of details and aspects to consider. You don’t need to buy a special guidebook or to hire a wedding planner, but a free wedding checklist is a must-have. Remember that the less time you have to prepare, the more hectic your preparations will be. Haste makes waste – so the chances that you will forget something increase. Save your nerves – it will be much easier to add some details to a ready-made wedding checklist than to set up it from a scratch.

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Wedding Planning To Do Timeline

It is easier if you have a wedding planning timeline. In that case, the chances to forget something, or to miss the deadline are minimal. Of course, the amount of time you have left until the happy day might be different. There are two things to consider: first of all, the earlier you start planning – the more are the chances to succeed. Say a popular restaurant might be booked if you want to do some last-minute reservations. Booking a holiday in advance is also usually cheaper. So, you should choose a timeline that is right for you. If you don’t have enough time – try to squeeze everything in a shorter period.

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Last-Minute Things You Can Forget

As with any planned event, it’s easy forget some wedding planning details as you get closer to the event. Your head is bursting with all the data and wedding timetables, your excitement and anxiety levels get higher. No wonder that you may miss some last-minute things. For example, it is a good idea to pack a medical first aid kit for elder relatives and anyone who tends to get too excited. Still, brides easily forget such things, as they have no exact point on their looks and picture-perfect style. Or you could fail to give all your vendors and extra-number to call – just in case.

In-Depth Wedding Checklist Inspirations

Even the best wedding checklist needs some customization. Each couple is unique, and so are the details of each wedding. Don’t be afraid to create: make your own in-depth wedding checklist including all the details only both of you know. Now that you have the general timeline, you can add some extra features. Make your wedding the most memorable event in your life!

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