The Most Romantic Ways to Propose in New York (5)

There is a story to repeat many times to your friends and relatives (and everyone who cares to listen). It is the story of your proposal. No matter if she’s been expecting it, or you decide to surprise her with the question. What is important is to keep in mind this will be one of the most memorable events for both of you. So why don’t you take a look at some of the most romantic ways to propose. Let us give you a hand with some great proposal ideas.

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The Most Romantic Ways to Propose in New York (6)

New York Proposal Ideas

First of all, a proposal needs to be a romantic event. What can be more romantic than a New York City proposal? It doesn’t matter if you are a city resident, or decide to visit the Big Apple for a weekend. In any case, we’ve got you covered with our best New York proposal ideas and tips.

Of course, location and details depend on the season, weather and your own preferences. Be it an indoor or outdoor proposal – your New York special moment will be awesome, and definitely something to remember. City parks, streets, and skyscrapers are the best scene for such a wonderful event. Write the question in sidewalk chalk on your street. Ask strangers to cooperate for a surprise flash-mob style proposal. Put an ad in a morning newspaper, and then wait for the bride-to-be to catch up on current news. There are literally hundreds of ideas to propose, but there are some ways to propose that are possible in NY only.

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Best Spots To Propose in New York

First of all, the Big Apple has its own romantic places. What are New York spots to propose that are especially romantic and exclusively NY? Empire State Building, NY Public Library, Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square and Lincoln Center, Hayden Planetarium and many more. There are museums and historical places, parks and buildings that witnessed thousands of love stories. Don’t forget to hire a proposal photographer with his camera ready when you go on one knee. If you are a sports fan you can take a risk with a very public proposal during a game. Or you could pop up a question in the middle of Rockefeller Center ice rink.

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Romantic On-The-Roof Proposal

If you are into something very cozy and romantic and don’t want any witnesses, try a rooftop proposal. New York has a lot of rooftop restaurants to make your special dinner truly unforgettable. You could watch the sunset together, and then have a most romantic candle-lit dinner for two. Soft music of violins, a bottle of champagne, rose petals and magnificent views. You can find package offers that include a private room with a glass ceiling, or booking a rooftop terrace for just you two.

The Most Romantic Ways to Propose in New York (4)

New Yorker Parks to Propose in

If you are an outdoor person, New Yorker breathtaking parks are a great place to propose. You can have a romantic picnic for two in Central Park in summer or just stumble upon a romantic setup in winter. Spring, when everything is in bloom, makes NY parks especially beautiful. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride and experience the beauty of nature, cuddled up in warm blankets. You could visit all the renowned places and then stop at a picturesque spot to ask her the question. All in all, outdoor proposals are probably one of the most romantic ways to propose.

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