I attended the first day of the National Stationery Show yesterday and it was completely absolutely overwhelming.

One of my main goals is to find new, awesome vendors for WeddingInviteLove, and I’m bribing with gift bags with rose & pepper thumbprints acquired from Whimsy & Spice in Brooklyn:

I regretted today putting the cards IN the bags because they got all cookie-crumb-y! Otherwise they were a great hit, and I have another 20 to pass out today.

I spent the majority of the day yesterday getting my bearings and meeting new people, but I did manage to document a few awesome booths. I literally kept doing double-takes at Linda & Harriett, until I finally took some pictures:

Aren’t these calendars just gorgeous? You don’t need fancy images or professional type, just great calligraphy and paint.

I also found one of my favorite vendors ever, Dingbat Press (who also runs a really great blog):

Dingbat Press’s press kit was also my favorite out of all the press kits I looked through — the most personality with such great design.

Off to find more vendors! Follow me on Twitter as well for on-the-floor updates and images.