Whether it’s due to the recession or a side effect of sites like Pinterest, weddings have become more personalised and unique than they have been in years. Wedding planners be wary – brides and grooms everywhere are taking their wedding plans into their own hands and creating a day that truly reflects their relationship and their love.

If you’re looking for ways to personalise your wedding, or simply one aspect of it, here are some easy ways to do just that.

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Place Holders

A small detail, but one that your guests are sure to appreciate, place holders are the easiest part of a reception to personalise. You can easily create pieces to match your wedding theme; for example, if you’re having a rustic wedding some smooth, large pebbles can work as cheap, easy and elegant place holders. Simply paint your guests name and their table number on the pebble.

Other card holder substitutes that you could try include wine corks with carved in slits to hold paper, miniature chalk boards on each table listing its occupants and autumn leaves with names beautifully written on them are perfect for a fall wedding.

Thank You Cards

Pictures are an easy way to personalise thank you cards. People love trying to spot themselves in pictures so you could try taking a picture of all the wedding guests rounded up together and using it to get cards printed. That way it’s personalised, but simple so you can spend your time enjoying your newlywed life instead of getting carpal tunnel.


Instead of spending a ludicrous amount of money on a wedding cake, why not make your own? Or if you’re somewhat baking-challenged you could ask a couple of friends or family members if they wouldn’t mind helping out and contributing a cake each. That way there’s variety, you’ve saved money and it’s unique. I’m sure asking a friend to bring a cake instead of a wedding present would be just as much of a relief for them as it is for you.

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You don’t need the traditional white or red bouquet of roses, unless you love roses, that is! You don’t even need to stick to flowers if you don’t want to.

Paper bouquets can be made ages beforehand to avoid the stress of possibly wilted flowers. If you’re having a spring or summer wedding garden flowers are a beautifully simple and unique option. And if you’re feeling especially creative, people have used materials as far and wide silk and brooches to create their perfect bouquet so don’t be afraid to go all out.

paper flower
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One of my favourite centrepiece ideas involves printing black and white pictures of you and your fiancé and placing them in Mason jars of various sizes around the table.

Candles are always a hit and create the perfect romantic atmosphere. Collect various candles of all shapes and sizes, the variety in height and width of the candles will give the tables a homey touch.

Sea shells and driftwood collected from the shore work wonderfully for beach weddings, but shouldn’t be restricted to them. Beautiful and free, the shells will add a delicate loveliness to the decor and you can always encourage your guests to take their favourite pieces with them afterwards as a memento.

Personalised weddings are great because they truly reflect what you’re there to celebrate, your love for your partner. This is your chance to celebrate your special relationship so don’t let it be common; celebrate with personalised champagne, decor and gifts.

Do you have any other suggestions for personalised wedding decor?

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