Today’s guest post comes to us from Tom Owens, the content writer for Park Ave Studio. When Tom isn’t writing about the amazing bond couples find through marriage he dabbles in photography himself as a hobby. The photos in this post were taken by Brian Ozegovich, the owner of Park Ave Studio. Enjoy!

Your wedding day is possibly one of, if not the most important day of your life. It takes months to plan, countless hours picking out just the right décor, vendors and facilities all for one momentous occasion. Many say that the day is over before they feel like it began due to the immense amount of preparation that goes into it. Thus, all we have left afterward are the fond memories of the event and any pictures that were taken during the service and reception. Have you ever put much thought into the poses of your pictures though? Sure, you’re with your new spouse so anything you do is passionate and timeless in itself, but there are a few poses that really grasp the elegance and beauty of the occasion. We’ve broken down our top 10 favorite poses that accentuate the romantic nature of weddings and will truly give you amazing pictures to look at for years to come:

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1. The Reveal – To say that people everywhere have had butterflies in their stomachs’ while waiting for their spouse-to-be would be a total understatement. While it might depend on the feelings of the person waiting to have his picture taken, there’s something about seeing the nervous look on their face in the moments before their betrothed is present that shows the true range of feelings on a couple’s wedding day.

2. The Leaning Kiss – This one is an oldie, but a goodie. You’ve seen it in countless movies, TV shows and definitely at other weddings you’ve attended. This pose shows the full extent of a couple’s love and continues to illustrate the deep bond you feel towards your spouse. Definitely try to get in a leaning kiss during your wedding for a picturesque moment of romantic bliss.

3. Down the Aisle – This pose has an added benefit in that it isn’t a pose at all! All you have to do is stand up there with the love of your life and let your real feelings course through you. This is the pinnacle moment of your entire wedding day so you should definitely have a couple pictures to commemorate it.

4. The Recession – though it might be hard to imagine now, the feeling of pure delight after you have made your married status official is beyond comparison. Capturing these moments of pure ecstasy will show the immense elation you and your newly married spouse feel towards one another during this incredibly special day.

5. Entering the Reception – many couples will enter their wedding reception in an extravagant fashion, so what a perfect opportunity for another picture! At this point of the day the service is over and everyone is ready to let loose. This is a great time to get a picture to show the pure happiness on the couple’s faces as they make their way into the party.

6. The First Dance – this is another classic tradition. The first dance is really something of beauty to be lost in your new spouse’s company (even while all your guests are watching). Lighting is usually low with the main focus is centered on the newly married couple. This is a great chance for a uniquely lit and intimate photo opportunity.

7. Silhouette – while this effect can be achieved by using natural light like a sunset or through artificial means by setting up spotlights on you and your new spouse this dramatic pose which focuses solely on your body language is a favorite of newly married couples everywhere. The minimalistic approach of capturing just your silhouettes makes for a wonderful, alternative look at the love you two share.

8. Group Shot with Groomsmen/Bridesmaids – while the focus is primarily on you and your spouse during your wedding day, you’ve each picked your set of friends and relatives you want closest to you. Why not include them in some of the action? Whether you want to go formal with this picture or super silly and fun, this is a great way to remember the whole crew from your wedding day.

9. Cutting the Cake – Wedding cakes have become such a cultural icon there are television shows dedicated strictly to them. They are also made with the utmost care and attention to detail to mimic the beauty of the entire occasion they are intended for. A picture of you and your new spouse cutting the cake brings it all full circle to have a great picture and to remember your fancy cake years down the road.

10. Back to Camera – you might be asking, “Isn’t the whole point of wedding pictures to see our faces during our wedding day?” True, but there’s something uniquely elegant at a back shot of you and your new spouse. It provides a sense of the two of you looking toward the future; towards bigger and better things now that the two of you are together. Try this pose out for a romantic picture that you can look back on fondly in the future.

These are just a couple of our favorite poses for wedding poses but this is by no means an exhaustive list. At the end of the day it’s your wedding and the affirmation of your love for your spouse, so you get to do what shows your bond the best. We’d love to hear your thoughts about what your favorite ideas for poses are and some examples of what has worked for couples you know!

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