Just an FYI to anyone who is linking to the WeddingLovely Blog that our URL has moved! We used to be http://weddinglovely.com/blog and now we’re http://weddinglovely.com/blog. Update your links! Links to the blog. address will continue to work but it’ll redirect, so it’s a lot better if it’s correct. :)

Quick story about why it’s changed and a bit about the disasterous process I went through this weekend:

  • I moved from blog. to /blog due to SEO reasons. Even though Google has gotten a lot better, there is still a chance that weddinglovely.com/blog would be considered a whole different site than weddinglovely.com, and therefore any SEO that the blog accrues would not apply to weddinglovely.com. That’s why I moved it over, and FYI to any other blog owners out there!
  • However, I would not recommend the disaster I went through this weekend while moving it. I created a new directory on my server and was copying my files over, then went downstairs to make some dinner, and somehow my cat managed to shut down my computer in the middle of it, disrupting the process. Stupid cat.
  • I manually started figuring out which files transferred and which didn’t, which also included all the images uploaded to the blog. I decided it would be better for the images to start from scratch, and set the directory to delete… deleting the wrong directory. Instead of deleting the new directory, I started deleting the existing directory of images and didn’t notice until halfway through (and you should have heard my reaction when I noticed…)
  • I ended up losing two full months of images and was considering that I’d probably have to rebuild those images for those posts from scratch, but the lovely Diane from Faye & Co. reminded me that website hosts usually do backups, and lo and behold, Dreamhost had a button so I could pull a backup from a week ago and retrieve all the deleted images. Phew.

So I spent about all Saturday having a heart attack. How was your weekend?