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Few purchases get more care and consideration than the purchase of an engagement ring. There are websites and books dedicated to the topic. If you read through all of the information available on selecting a diamond then you could easily became a certified gemmologist as soon as you learned to work the jeweller’s loupe.

This information about clarity and colour and cut is very useful of course, but it is a gem appraisal guide approach. If you want to purchase loose diamonds as an investment it is critical. An engagement ring is far more personal. You do not need a specific size diamond for it to be perfect. There is no real rule about one month’s salary or two month’s salary to determine how much should be spent. Those are all simply guidelines about what other people think.

The only thing that actually matters is what you and your spouse to be think. Rings are selected to say something to the person they are for. This is particularly true for an engagement ring. Some people do not even choose to go with a diamond instead choosing a stone more meaningful to them for their own reasons.

If the shape of the stone is more important to you or your fiancé than the size then you should definitely put more consideration on that.  Many women love and want the traditional solitaire setting but it is growing more popular to consider other settings and styles. If the selection of the ring is not a mutual or joint search and purpose you need to give some very solid hints on your preferences. Leaving it entirely up to him to guess what your dream engagement ring would be is really unfair without some well-placed hints or suggestions.

A final consideration is if you plan to purchase an engagement ring or a complete wedding set. If you purchase an individual engagement ring it will limit what you can choose later for wedding bands. It is not a bad idea to at least look at complete sets to give more insight on what you may want for the engagement ring. Some beautiful examples can be found at Ernest Jones Wedding Jewellery if you need some inspiration.