For decades, the trend in bridal sets has leaned toward the traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring and gold wedding band. And while there have always been women who have chosen less conventional bridal jewelry designs, modern brides as a group seem to be far more open to stylistic experimentation as they choose wedding sets like the following, which uniquely reflect precisely who they are:

A delicate leaf-design engagement and wedding ring set in sterling silver is one perfect example of a style that moves away from what many of today’s brides consider the plain-Jane styles of yesteryear, bringing real personality to the modern wedding set. The top surface of each ring is adorned by a single row of curved and patterned leaves, providing a beautifully coordinated look. Atop the engagement ring, the two middlemost leaves curl gracefully around the stone, framing it with beauty as if it were a flower. More adventurous brides may trade the white sapphire for an amethyst, blue topaz, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, peridot, garnet, rhodolite garnet, or citrine. Women who love designs that bring their fancies back to nature and who look for beauty without extravagance will find a wedding set such as this one the ideal way to express their individuality, while providing the perfect day-to-day design.

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For the bride who may be just a touch more ethereal, the sun, moon, and stars diamond engagement ring and wedding band set, in yellow, rose, or white gold, will dazzle and impress. This opulently lovely piece combines minimalistic modern styling with glittering elegance. The white gold set features yellow-gold star and moon accents, creating a two-toned look, with the sparkling .75 carat diamond on the engagement ring nesting cozily into the diamond-chip studded yellow-gold crescent moon on the wedding band. Several other celestial accents adorn the engagement ring, creating a truly stunning look that any modern bride would be proud to wear.

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The bride-to-be who may not want to stray too far from the traditional–but who loves a delicate yet artistically crafted look–will adore the handmade champagne-colored diamond engagement ring and wedding band set in 14K yellow gold. Embellished with a row of delicate white diamonds on either side, both rings radiate a look of unparalleled splendor. A truly magnificent set, this lovely pair of narrow matching rings contains a total diamond weight of 1.04 carats, with a .50 carat center diamond in the distinctive champagne coloring that adds a spark of uniqueness for the contemporary bride.

Engagement RingA set that’s a true conversation piece for the bride who simply loves to push the edges of convention just as far as they will go is the two-tone 10K yellow gold and 14K white gold swallow branch wedding set. From the .50 carat natural green sapphire that graces the yellow-gold branch-style engagement ring, to the two white-gold swallows resting majestically atop the yellow-gold branches of the wedding band, their wings outspread, this stunning depiction of nature’s glory must be seen to be believed. A style for the bride who is intent on turning heads, these rings can be worn separately for an entirely different look, and for even greater versatility and charm, the birds can be turned either facing toward or away from each other. This set is truly a set for the bride who embraces the unconventional.

When selective brides choose designs such as the ones described above, they make the distinctive choice to step boldly forth and express their true personalities through their jewelry. The women who refuse to squeeze themselves into the mold of conventional wedding and engagement ring design are finding creative fulfillment in radiating their own personal style as they look outside the traditional jewelry store to find bridal jewelry they can truly call their own.


Guest post contributed by Vicki Woods of Personalised Wedding Gifts. Vicki is a wedding coordinator and freelance writer. She loves writing about her wedding experiences and sharing helpful tips.