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You may remember Erica (aka DJ Eko) from our recent interview with her. Today she’s back with some super helpful tips for keeping the party lively.

Beautiful venue, check.  Kissing your honey, check.  Delicious food, check.

But what’s really at the top of your to-do list with this big wedding party you get to throw? Having everyone in the room cutting up a rug on the dance floor all night!

“I want the most fun dance party you’ve ever seen at a wedding.” I’ve had this exact request several times and we have pulled it off. This is how. These a few tips to get your dance party kicking into 5th gear, and stay there.

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No speed bumps.

This means, when you are planning the structure of the reception, stash the ‘momentum breakers’ in the other sections of the day. The toasts, first dance, parent dances, miscellaneous announcements about where the photo booth is.. have those parked in and around the dinner segment, for example. If you want to do a cake cutting (which usually happens during dance time), rather than cutting the music off completely have your dj announce the cake cutting is happening and keep the music going, or even pick out a special song for it. Inevitably some people will want to watch but a lot of people want to keep dancing! Same goes for a garter/bouquet toss (should you choose to do those). Keep all the elements that require people to listen/observation clear of dance time.

Strong Start.

You automatically have a mixed-generation scenario at a wedding. Start the dance floor with music that is accessible to Grandma, Mom and your bestie. So instead of starting with Rihanna, you start with “Shout” by the Isley’s. Double check that your DJ is ready to play accessible tunes at the front. In most cases, your grandparents and parents generations will be the first to tire. So, you can get to the college and high school throwback songs and new stuff later on. Ps. One of my tricks is having really awesome contemporary remixes of Motown classics at the front of the evening for the oldsters. The beefed up music production appeals to you and your friends. The familiarity of the song works for everyone.

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Dance floor energy lulling?

Bride and Groom, back to the dance floor! If the energy lulls, often the bride and groom are off the dance floor greeting, kissing, hugging, thanking people, etc. The #1 easiest way to inject energy and reboot the dance floor is for the Bride and Groom to come back and shake a tailfeather (and drag some friends along too!)

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These pointers give you a good start in understanding the chemistry of a building an awesome wedding dance session. Have fun on your day it will go by in a blink! One last note, take time to pick out a last song. It’s great for you and your friends to jam out one last time before the fun is over!

Thank you Erica! For more about DJ Eko, check out her WeddingMusicLove profile or head straight to her website.

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