Getting Ready Wedding Photos

Imagine the scene with your bridesmaids fussing over you, as you get ready, and the raw emotions when your parents see you for the first time in your bridal attire. Isn’t it priceless? There are many more such lovely moments when a bride gets ready for her wedding day.

When your photographer captures all this action for your wedding album, you have the opportunity to preserve those memories forever. So, do not think twice about whether you ought to have getting ready photos taken. Let your wedding day photography begin when you get ready for your wedding day.

Here are some essential tips from the Best for Bride team from Canada to help you get the best getting-ready pictures.

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Discuss your preferences with your photographer in advance

If there are ideas you’ve liked in other wedding albums or if you have a list of must-have shots while getting dressed, share it with your photographer well ahead of time. He will have to plan his timeline in advance, and arrive at the location in time to do the shoot accordingly. So, inform him about the entire arrangement. Also, discuss your expectations and ask for suggestions to make the most of the available time.

Pick a well-lit beautiful location

Getting Ready Wedding Photography

Lighting and overall ambiance of the setting will affect the quality of your photos. Choose a space that is well-lit and comfortable. It is ideal if this area receives plenty of natural light. Sunlight will flatter your complexion and create a soft glow in the pictures resulting in fabulous wedding day photography. Also, make sure that the general décor of your chosen space matches that of your wedding theme.

Keep the space clean and clutter-free

Don’t overlook the pile of clothes on the couch, the strewn bag of cosmetics on the dressing table or a blotchy mirror. If any of these appear in the background, it can ruin the entire photograph. Try your best not to trash the room and diligently clear up any mess you cause while using the area. With a little care, you can avoid it from creeping into your wedding photography.

Organize and arrange all the things you need in one place

Getting Ready Wedding Ideas

Not only will this step save you precious time while getting ready, it will also end up as beautiful details in your wedding photos. Many brides like to include their wedding dress and bridal accessories in their photos. If you choose to do this, it is a good idea to use special props to make your pictures even better. Buy a customized handcrafted hanger for your wedding dress and a beautiful jewelry box or stand for your accessories. For some interesting ideas to highlight your wedding dress in your photos, visit this post on the Pop Sugar website.

Consider what you will wear while getting ready

During the course of this shoot, you will have to change into your gorgeous wedding dress. Nevertheless, your photographer will also click photos of you before you wear your bridal gown. Jazz up your look by choosing a suitable outfit for the occasion. Special bridal robes and PJ’s that match the color scheme of your wedding are ideas to consider. On the other hand, match your attire to that of your bridesmaids, for a coordinated effect.

Plan your timeline well

Bride Getting Ready

Remember that your photographer has to stay with you while you get ready. However, he will also have to head to the venue before the guests arrive, to photograph the rest of the action before the wedding. The tricky part is that your hair and makeup on the day will take longer than usual. Unless you allow enough time for both tasks, you can fall behind schedule. So, plan your timeline to accommodate this. Try to be ready at least an hour before you leave for the venue, so you have ample time to be photographed. This post on the Brides website will help you with tips to plan your getting ready timeline.

Enjoy Yourself

Inspiration for Getting Ready Photos

Although you will be under the constant gaze of the camera, don’t be too conscious about it. Just be yourself and savor every moment. The best pictures will be those where you look relaxed and happy. So, ignore the camera and enjoy the attention lavished on you. Trust your photographer to do the rest. In the hands of a capable professional, your getting ready photos are bound to turn out fantastic.

While we may have come to the end of our tips today, the benefits of getting ready photos do not end here. Feel free to read more about it on the Melissa Jill blog.

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