From flowers to leaves, ribbons to lace, sashes to bows, the list goes on! Selecting a bouquet can be confusing and stressful at times. Thank you Madeline Trait of Locally Grown Weddings  for coming to the rescue with some helpful tips and advice!

Choosing a bouquet

The decor for your wedding can become a daunting task. There is a lot to consider and think about. One place to start are the flowers and more specifically your bouquet. Bouquets come in many different combinations, colors and textures. In my opinion there are really only two very important keys to figuring out the right bouquet for you; Style and Color. Like your shoes and your jewelry the bouquet becomes a part of your attire for the day. So the color is important to match your attire and the style as it encompasses the size, texture and the flower types.

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Choosing your bouquet

Color: You have your colors for your bridesmaids dresses and your decor so what colors do you want your bouquets?

The color could be a complementary to your bridesmaid or the same, it is all dependent on the final look you want to achieve. The color will also dictate what flower types you will be able to use along with the season that your wedding will be in. Once the color is decided upon it time to move on to the style.

 Choosing Your Bouquet

Style: Includes the shape, size and flower types of the bouquet.

The style dictates the flower choice in regards to texture and size as well as the ribbon the style such as if it should be solid or striped, long or short. All these elements then come together to create a distinct look or style for your bouquet that will compliment your attire, your bridesmaids as well as your overall decor.

Choosing your bouquet

Exceptions to the rule

Though I have outlined ways in which to figure out the right bouquet for you there are always alternatives to the rule. One such alternative is using edibles in their bouquets such as cabbage, and herbs. I have a couple clients request this and the result has been a unique accessory that has a great story to it. You could also potentially use or eat your bouquet when your done but check with your florist first as some herbs are treated when use for decorative items.

Choosing your bouquet

Another alternative is that I have recently done was to made corsages for the bridesmaids instead of traditional bouquets. I created these with the concept that they were living pieces of jewelry. I carefully composed the florals with this in mind and fastened them to a wide ribbon to finish the look.

Flowers are about being creative and complimenting the look of your big day as well as adding some natural beauty.

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