If your dreams of a destination wedding seem out of reach, then today’s guest post, brought to us by Megan Wilson of Boykophotography is for you! Enjoy:

Many people do not consider a destination wedding because they think it is too pricey. However, having a trimmed down guest list will be just one of the ways you will save money. If a small elegant destination wedding is something you wish for, but the perceived cost makes you uncomfortable, here are some tips on how to organize a wedding on a cheap budget in the Dominican Republic.

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Set your priorities

Take some time with your partner and discuss what will be the focal points of your wedding: a sophisticated dinner, entertainment, a big beautiful cake or tropical flowers? Decide on what will be handled by professionals like food, décor, photography and which is the most important. For instance, you may not want to save on a photographer whose work will be your cherished. They do not have to be the most expensive, rather we suggest finding an experienced professional. Check out Dominican Republic photographer prices for an idea.

Choose an off- season wedding date

Luckily the low season in the Dominican Republic falls on the favorite wedding season – June to October. The weather is sunny all year-round, so if you are ok with mild hotter temperatures, higher chances of rainfall and the slight possibility of hurricanes, go for it. Just be sure to have a plan B in case of rainfall.

Hunt for cheap flights

When the dates are more or less decided you can subscribe to flight alerts (Skyscanner, Expedia etc.) or your favorite airline newsletters. Be ready to buy cheap tickets immediately and find a way to inform your guests promptly as well.

Go all-inclusive

Sometimes all inclusions are thought of in a negative way – a giant place with an impersonal attitude, bad quality food, and drinks etc. In the Dominican Republic, it is not the case. Tourists prefer all-inclusive hotels because they offer great packages, high-level service and it is much easier to predict your expenses. In addition, there are more personal options like Zoetry Agua  Punta Cana’s thatch-roof cottages with gardens and tranquil beaches.

Make use of the location

In The Dominican Republic, you need not pay for a spectacular view or luxurious décor, gorgeous beaches and rich tropical nature are at your fingertips free of charge. Also, there is no need to think about guest entertainment, they will be content to enjoy the beach or choose one of the many activities available (horse riding, zip lining, hiking, snorkeling etc.)

Do it yourself

Skip guest favors (thank you gifts) or get something local. Make your own wedding invitations –  the guests will appreciate your creativity and the personal touch. Browse thousands of simple elegant wedding ideas on Pinterest, Instagram etc. for inspiration. Save on makeup and hair – curl your own hair into beautiful beach waves using strong fixer or sea salt spray for a natural look. A couple of light touches and your make up will be highlighted by the beautiful sunny weather. Youtube make-up tutorials are handy.

Rent your gown

Why spend thousands on an outfit to wear once when affordable designer options are available to rent. These websites can be useful – Once Wed, Recycled bride and Wore it once. Alternatively, buy a simple white dress which will look fantastic in contrast with the azure ocean.

Simplify the meal

The hot weather and laid back atmosphere allow you to experiment with the wedding meal. Opt for a cocktail party with appetizers throughout the night or some favorite food like seafood with various sides instead of a formal dinner.

Get officially married at home

Consider getting married at home and celebrate the ceremony with your friends and family in paradise. It is attractive because there is no hassle with collecting documents or translation fees etc.

Save on your honeymoon

If you stay in the Dominican Republic for your honeymoon you don’t have to buy additional tickets and can negotiate complimentary extras like excursions or meals.

Play your trump card

Everywhere in the world hotels love tourist groups and are ready to offer good rates just to get them in. You are going to bring them business so use your leverage, ask for package offers and compare several hotel deals.

Find a new place

New hotels are happy to offer good discounts for bringing in people and positive reviews on TripAdvisor etc. They need to gain popularity; you want some free perks – it is a perfect combination for both.

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