If you’re on the fence about including a First Look in your wedding day, then today’s awesome guest post by Carina Photographics (Saint Paul, MN) is for you! Enjoy:

As a wedding photographer, one issue I see a lot of couples struggle with is if they should do a First Look on their wedding day, or if they should wait to see each other when they first walk down the aisle. I have worked with couples in both scenarios. While both ways can work well, there are a few distinct advantages to going with a First Look prior to your wedding ceremony.


The First Look begins with some quiet time for just the two of you…alone. Unlike your walk down the aisle in your very public ceremony where all eyes are focused on you, your First Look, where you see each other alone before your formal portraits, are often extremely special for you both. This quiet time helps to re-center and prepare yourselves for the day’s events. You are able to exchange letters, gifts and hugs and simply calm your nerves. It is amazing how much more relaxed couples are once they have held their First Look!

Another benefit of First Looks is that your hair and makeup are still fresh and you are still comfortable in your wedding attire. Often times, wedding days and wedding wardrobes can be heavy and hot, so people look less and less fresh as the day moves on. Seeing each other in top form will happen if you choose to do your First Look right away.

After the First Look has finished, photographers often take some posed photos of the two of you. These photos are the ones that most often end up on walls and in prints or albums. Photographers like to take these photos privately, away from bridal party and family members, if possible, to continue to capture candid emotions and moments together.


Once your portrait time is finished, you are able to regroup with bridal party and family members and complete as much of your posed, formal group portraits as possible prior to your wedding ceremony. Once your ceremony is complete, you are then able to spend as much time as possible mingling with your guests and are not forced to break into posed photos afterward while wishing you could be somewhere else.

All-in-all, including a First Look at your wedding day, is an amazing experience and one I highly recommend!

Joanna Carina is owner and lead photographer of Carina Photographics in Minneapolis MN. She specializes in wedding, engagement and portrait photography. Her background is in photography as well as design. She likes to think of herself as a visual storyteller. Her focus is simple: to preserve your story artfully and authentically. To learn more about Carina Photographics, please visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile.