Today’s lovely guest post comes to us from Megan from Boykophotography, based in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Enjoy!

So you have found the love of your life and realize that it is time to pop the question. It is not surprising that you are very excited and want to make sure that your proposal will be unforgettable. Every time you meet new people the inevitable question will pop up: “So, how did he propose”? We know that you would smile proudly while she describes the details of this memorable moment in Punta Cana that you so carefully had arranged for her. Make the most of this stunning backdrop and consider some of these surprise proposal ideas that will encourage her to say ¨yes¨.

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Proposal on the plane

If you want to leave the pressure behind by proposing on the first moments of your trip, you could try convincing the captain to announce your intention through the speakers of the cabin and then you pop up a bottle in the air.

Tips: Prepare a plan B in case if something goes wrong. Not recommended if your partner is sensitive about her privacy.


Surprise proposal on a helicopter ride

Take your sweetheart on a helicopter ride. While taking in the romantic view she spots the magic words written in the sand you give her the ring and enjoy her surprised reaction and genuine emotions.

Tips: Don’t forget the bottle of champagne, if allowed. Be sure to prepare the words in advance. On your return enjoy a celebratory dinner on the seashore.

Caribbean style surprise proposal in Punta Cana

If your partner is more of a party person and loves to have fun, why not take a salsa class together? Once things have heated up surprise her by getting down on one knee.

Tip: Afterwards, you can dance the night away showing off you newly learnt salsa steps.


The underwater proposal

If your future fiancé loves animals, you could take her swimming with dolphins. Then while she interacts with these lovely animals underwater she sees the sign: “Will you marry me?”.

Tips: Paint the letters with waterproof paint. Organize the timing with the divers who will hold the sign under water.  Discuss the underwater photo shoot with your photographer. It might be hard to hide the ring in your shorts, so it could be handy to have someone whom you can trust keep it for you.


Relaxing Spa proposal

Arrange with the spa staff to help you set up your proposal in a Jacuzzi with rose petals, candles and a bottle of champagne while receiving a massage together with your partner beforehand. Continue your engagement celebration with a romantic dinner at a restaurant.


A romantic picnic proposal

You already have all you need for the perfect surprise marriage proposal in Punta Cana. What could be more charming than the secluded beaches with crystalline water and fine white sand of Saona island. Arrive by catamaran and have everything ready for a romantic picnic in front of the sea.

Tip: Be organized, do not put added pressure on yourself running around in search of someone who could put the picnic basket and cold champagne together.


Adrenaline spiked proposal

Admire the breathtaking view of the tropical forest flying on a zip line. As you can do it in pairs, you could propose on the go and give her the ring when you hit the ground.

Tips: Be sure to secure your ring. Prepare a short proposal that you will have time to shout out in the air.


Artsy proposal

Take a master class together in one of the artisanal shops in Altos de Chavon, a European style village near Punta Cana. Instead of showing her the result of your efforts give her a ready made souvenir with the magic words emblazoned on it

Tip: You would need to prepare the souvenir (e.g. keychain, painting) at home and find a way to bring it all the way to Punta Cana without being noticed.


Proposing on a hike

If your other half loves nature, take her for a hike in the tropical forest or a horse ride on the beach. You need only wait a short while for the right moment to present itself – Punta Cana`s beautiful landscapes are guaranteed to put you in mood for romance.


Treasure hunt proposal

Choose some places where you could safely hide a few presents like small pieces of jewelry and the ring itself. Draw a map marking the places where the treasures are buried and put it in a bottle which your beloved will find.

Tip: Use your imagination when it comes to placing the bottle.


The most important piece of advice is to hire a professional photographer to capture the moment and every detail without any hassle for you. These pictures will become your best memories and you will be able to share them with your friends and family as you recount this joyous event.


Megan Wilson is a Content Manager at Boykophotography who enjoys combining her skills and professional background to bring higher-level perspective into her work. Currently she is sharing her experience and vision on the hot topics from the world of photography.


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