Which Catering Option is Right For You?

Today’s guest post comes to us from Stephanie of EventSource. Stephanie uses her passion for photography, event design and wedding planning as a writer for EventSource. When she’s not exploring the world of events, she spends her time having adventures with her husband and baby boy.

Every catered wedding has different requirements based on needs, wants and desires. That’s why it’s important for you to first sit down with your spouse to be and families involved to discuss the specifics of your big day before you hire your wedding caterer. Knowing the specifics will not only help your caterer determine the cost to you for their services but will also help you budget for your big day. The best part is that it’s YOUR party. Throw it as you please!

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Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding CatererPhoto credit: Flickr

The Top 10 Catering Considerations

1. Do you have a specific wedding theme? Can your caterer tailor the menu to reflect your theme?

2. Where will you be having your wedding? Restaurant, hotel, beach, mountain top? Make sure your caterer is comfortable working at your preferred location.

3. How many guests? Will you be having an intimate wedding for fifty or large wedding for five hundred plus? Can your caterer provide the staff that you need based on your number of guests and requirements?

4. Who will be your guests? Will they be elderly, middle aged, young adults or a mixed crowd? Will they have children? Will your caterer consider serving traditional foods if your guests are of a particular ethnic background?

5. What are their culinary preferences? Take into consideration pescatarian, vegan, gluten-free etc.

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6. What can you realistically budget per guest? Does your caterer have different costs per person based on menu options? This will give you a better idea of what you can manage financially.

7. Do you want to have a full course plated meal or buffet style wedding reception? Believe it or not, food trucks are the latest wedding trend. They offer a variety of fare and their staff are accustomed to large numbers of customers at one time. They also offer a lovely, festive carnival atmosphere.

8. Will you have an open bar, limited bar (beer and wine only), cash bar or no alcohol policy? Some couples even have a no shots policy.

9. How involved will your caterer be? Will you have contact with the same person throughout the entire process? Will they be onsite the day of the event? They should be.

10. Does your caterer offer a menu tasting? Trust me, you’re going to want to sample before you fork out the bucks.

Which Catering Option is Right For You?

The right wedding caterer will help relieve you of unnecessary stress. Just make sure that they’re just that, right for you. So go on, grab your lover, family and in-laws. Hash out the fine details of your big day so that you can be fully prepared for your first meet and greet with a potential caterer. The menu possibilities when catering your wedding are limited only by the imaginations of you and your caterer. Let’s hope this post helps you have a wedding that will be remembered long into the future.

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