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More and more couples are choosing to get married abroad and the benefits can be huge.  Even July weddings in England are often blighted by bad weather and the ‘wedding rate’ from hotels over here can be extortionate, so how best to plan a wedding in sunnier (or snowier) climes?  Here are our top tips for a great overseas wedding.

The Destination

Obviously, this is one of the most important decisions and you need to be absolutely sure about your choice.  Guaranteed sunshine is often a key reason for marrying abroad, but being too warm won’t be pleasant; remember that the men will most likely be wearing suits, and red faced sweating grooms ruin wedding albums.  So, if you are going to a Mediterranean country or somewhere south of the equator, high summer might not be the best time.  If you do have your heart set on a super sunny wedding, cotton or linen suits for the boys might be good idea and not too many structural layers underneath the bridal dress.

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Reading up on wedding experiences in your chosen destination is a good idea, every wedding will be different but it’s helpful to find out whether the country is good with paperwork and general organisation or whether you need to take everything in triplicate.  Reading a good travel book to find out all of the details of the area you’re getting married in certainly can’t hurt either.

To keep on top of everything, make yourself a wedding list  and tick things off as you go along, not only does this help you to keep focus, it also proves that you are getting somewhere when you’re feeling bogged down by it all.

Mini, Midi or Maxi?

With an overseas wedding, it’s much easier to keep your wedding small and intimate, as the guests are more likely to be those closest to you and it’s up to you if you want to foot the bill for anyone.  A wedding abroad can also be a good option if really you’d like it to be just the two of you; book something stunning in Hawaii and tell everyone they’re welcome to come along but of course you understand if they can’t.

Get the Paperwork Sorted

For any wedding, organisation is crucial, but none more so than an overseas wedding.  It’ll just be less to do with table placements and more sorting the legal hurdles of getting married abroad. This needn’t be as arduous as it sounds, many travel agents organise packages for overseas weddings and whether or not this is a road you want to go down it’s worth popping in as they will have the latest information on what you need to do to get married in your destination of choice. In some countries you will have to get married in a civil ceremony at home first, this could be a perfect opportunity to have a small celebration with those who can’t make it to the big event. The important part is to find out these details first, the internet is your friend but take the time to confirm your findings.

The organisation of a wedding can be stressful but if you cover all your bases it’ll all be worth it, and best of all you won’t have anything to worry about on the day.  Remember to use all of the great tools the internet has to offer you; one of our personal favourites is, these lifesavers craft beautiful speeches personal to you, perfect for ensuring the best man says all the right things.