Top Tips for Getting Married Abroad


Today’s guest post is an absolute must read for anyone planning a destination wedding. Our guest blogger, Daniel is a freelance writer on behalf of Gocompare and he has attended several weddings abroad. He understands it will take some extra organising but he also plans to do the same.

So many people these days are upping sticks and having their nuptials abroad. Those who have this idea in their heads probably have a million questions about the practicalities of marrying abroad. Will it be legal? Will it rain? Can I afford it? These are questions that you need answers to before making an informed decision to take your marriage to foreign climes and form unforgettable memories.

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Top Tips for Getting Married Abroad


Whilst you can actually save money by marrying abroad, it is easy to over splurge, especially when you’re not on top of the exchange rate! Make sure you set out a budget for each item, items such as insurance; who will pay for the travel insurance? Will you pay for yours and your guests or just yours? What about flights and accommodation? Whatever you budget for each item you want for your wedding make sure you stick to. It can help to make a spread sheet with formulas on so that you can see immediately what something will cost in ‘real money’! Hiring a wedding planner can overcome this obstacle, but don’t forget to include their costs in your overall budget.

Invite Early

Of course you will have to think carefully about who to invite, especially if you are going to pay for people to fly out. Sometimes it can be too much to expect people to pay for trips abroad. No-one wants friends and family to feel duty bound to attend. This may be their only holiday of the year and they haven’t chosen it – so give them plenty of warning by inviting them early, with lots of travel options. See if you can get a travel agent to oversee their bookings and make life easier. You may wish to visit your destination prior to the ceremony to check it all over and make sure you’re comfortable sending guests there.

 Top Tips for Getting Married Abroad

Make it Unique

You might want to make the ceremony completely unique to you as a couple, or go to an unusual destination and embrace the local customs and culture. If you are going to do something out of the ordinary go for it in style. People have travelled all this way after all; you should try and give them something memorable. You could even arrive at the ceremony on elephant-back as per Russell Brand and Katy Perry. You will need to check local traditions to ensure that you won’t be offending anyone, especially if your location is particularly religious.


We’ve all heard the horror stories of people merrily thinking they were legally wed, only to find out that the marriage wasn’t legal. The best way to confirm whether your destination of choice will give you a marriage that is legal when you are back in your home country is to call the relevant embassy or consulate. They will be in a position to give you final word on the legality of weddings in their country. If your destination doesn’t provide a legal wedding, you can always do the boring legal bit in your country and then have a blessing or ceremony abroad. Some countries insist that you stay in the country (“residency”) for a number of days before a marriage can go ahead. Each is different so check with your destination.

Top Tips for Getting Married Abroad

So there you have it, if you are looking to have your wedding abroad I am sure you will find the tips above helpful. There are some extra details to take into consideration, it is wise to plan things well in advance and check the legal aspect. However it will provide a great opportunity to travel to a different country, perhaps one you have never been to before and have your close family and friends around you for your special day.

Thank you Daniel! Do you have any questions or comments about planning your destination wedding? Add them to the comments below!