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When newly-engaged couples think of registering for gifts, images of mindlessly skipping through the aisles of their favorite stores with the power of a barcode scanner in their hands likely run through their heads. But that’s really not what a registry is or should be about. It should be fun, there’s no doubt about that! But it should also reflect who you are as a couple and the kind of future you want to set up for yourselves. Below are some of our top tips for curating a registry that shows off who you are as a couple, and that will get you the things you truly want and need.

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Join The Digital Age

You’re probably already here, but just in case you’re still living under a cozy rock, it’s important to know how easy putting a registry together can be thanks to technology and the crazy awesome innovations of modern companies. You’re no longer limited to your local brick-and-mortar stores! Hooray! An example of one of the top companies changing the wedding registry game is Zola — you can pretty literally register for anything, including experiences and cash, all from your couch if you so wish. But even better than that, you can add your own photos and notes to your guests on a personalized page so it’s not just some dull, uninspired list of products. LOVE!

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Chat With Your Partner

I think this nugget of advice appears in just about any kind of wedding advice article, but that’s for good reason. Communication is everything, and your wedding registry could very well be the first thing you do as a newly-engaged couple. Letting just one of you handle the registry solo is a recipe for a half-baked wedding cake, so to speak. You don’t both need to hover over your computer together, but have a little sit down where you talk about your dreams — where you want to live or how you want your place to look, things you think you need, things you both want. You could even divide and conquer and make handwritten lists of things that you then come together and discuss. Or make it extra fun and take a couple’s style quiz that will spit out extra tips for your registry based on your answers. Whatever floats your future boat!

Don’t Rush

Seriously. You may be feeling the pressure to get stuff done as soon as the engagement ring is on your finger, but this isn’t something you need to check off your wedding list in a day. It may seem like an uncomfortable, greedy task for some of you, but your guests want options — and you definitely want to give them plenty to avoid some super, uh, “thoughtful” gifts you have to lug home before you fly off to your honeymoon. With that said, don’t be afraid to update your registry as your guests knock items off it!

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Keep Track

Speaking of your guests, keep a log of who buys or gives what as you go to avoid a swirly-eyed situation after all is said and done, and so that you end on a thank you note. Badum-psh! But really, a simple spreadsheet will make your newlywed life of writing thank you notes SO much easier. Don’t neglect to add personality and pizazz to your thank yous, too! Are you movie makers? Send quick thank you videos in a text message! Writers? Snail mail it. Whatever your style and personality, let it shine through and have fun with it. That’s really the theme of it all in the end — have fun! Weddings are too short not to.

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