Non Traditional Wedding Ring

You won’t believe couples are now bringing to life certified real diamond wedding rings, all by using… their combined hair? Uh huh, no typo. And, it’s more romantic than you would think!

We understand that you may have some initial hesitations after associating memorial diamonds with ashes and whatnot…. but when using the hair of the two of you, specifically for your wedding, they’re  referred to as celebration diamonds instead because they reflect the pure joy of your union.

Discover why celebration diamonds are a great alternative to traditional wedding rings!

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Celebration diamonds like your wedding day can never be duplicated.

Celebrations diamonds like your wedding day are truly one-of-a-kind. The simple fact that you and your love’s lovely locks of hair are used as the source of carbon for the growth of the diamond means that it can never be duplicated. Unlike many retail diamond rings, celebration diamonds are far from cookie-cutter, meaning you’ll rock a ring down the aisle that’s as unique as your big day!

Anyone can buy a .5 carat, princess-cut diamond wedding band, for example. But only you can commission the creation of a .5 carat, princess-cut diamond wedding band using your and your loved one’s very own hair. ~

Celebration diamonds like your wedding day hold sentimental value.

Celebration diamonds like your wedding are totally romantic. Think about it. You’re using your own personal sources of carbon… the essence of your lives, combined. They even make great heartfelt anniversary gifts as hair is symbolic of strength, virility, and often thought of as the external soul.

Some brides also choose to birth their diamond ring from the hair of a deceased loved one for a true keepsake. What more of a perfect way for grandma (or any loved one celebrating with you in Heaven) to be with you on your special day. The entire process of creating celebration diamonds is also known to be a quite healing alternative to traditional wedding rings.

Alternative to Traditional Wedding Rings

Celebration diamonds like your wedding are always pure and peaceful.

Celebration diamonds like your wedding should be a celebration and reflection of love not war. Heart in Diamond prides itself on creating only environmentally-friendly and conflict-free diamonds. According to their site, their diamonds are a socially responsible and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wedding rings:

Unlike natural diamond mining, which destroys ecosystems and funds armed campaigns, our man made diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory environment, using only modest amounts of resources. Free from environmental harm and unethical labor or trade practices, the creation of a personal laboratory grown diamond from is as pure and peaceful as the gems themselves.

Celebration diamonds like your wedding are symbolic of your living bond.

Celebration diamonds like your wedding are a unity symbol. Unity candles. Unity sand. Unity canvas. Unity glass. The plethora of ways couples choose to symbolize the commingling of their lives nowadays are endless. Trending on the list in recent years, however, are none other than celebration diamonds. The combining of hair literally embodies two becoming one.

Celebration diamonds like your wedding should be budget-friendly.

Celebration diamonds like your wedding are affordable. Yep, gone should be the days of commercial jewellers succeeding at convincing men to spend two months salary on a diamond to prove his undying love and affection. It really is a no-brainer to create a diamond out of your combined hair as it’s less expensive, however, more significant than natural diamonds.

Here at Heart In Diamond, we also offer memorial diamonds at the lowest cost available in the industry, thanks to the fact that we own our production facilities and therefore do not need to pay to have your carbon shipped out to and processed by another facility.

WeddingLovely and Heart in Diamond teamed up to share with couples a unique alternative to traditional wedding rings with this partnered list of reasons why celebration diamonds and weddings go hand in hand. Visit to learn more!