Today’s fun and inspiring guest post comes to us from Maddison Wallace of Paperlust, based in Victoria, Australia! Enjoy:

Choosing a colour palette for your wedding can be one of the most difficult parts of the planning process, since it influences every other element of the day. There are the tried-and-true, go-to colour combinations that everyone loves, but sometimes they just seem too predictable. If that’s you, we have a suggestion you might not have considered: green and yellow. Chances are you haven’t seen a green and yellow wedding done, so it might be hard to imagine. You might be a little skeptical, picturing gaudy fluros or ugly Australiana kitsch, but hear us out. Green and yellow can be a knockout choice, you just have to do it right.

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Since you’re usually picking colour schemes at the same time as you’re thinking about your save the dates (and the whole wedding invitation suite), we’re going to take wedding invitations as our inspiration, to show just how great it can look. From there, though, you can let your imagination loose and run the theme right through to your wedding decorations, outfits and other details of the big day.


Easing into it gently, check out these subtle yellow and green invite suites. Featuring pastels, butter and mint, and small pops of bright colours on primarily neutral backgrounds, they are perfect for the bride who wants colour to be the quiet achiever of the day.



Green and yellow are the colours of all sorts of tropical flowers and fruits (lemons, pineapples, bananas) making a fun fruity theme the perfect choice for the bride looking for a tropical colour scheme for a beach wedding, farm wedding, or a fun Summer event. Whether it’s a cute illustration or a photographic motif, fruit is a great choice for brides who want their wedding to be the party of the season.

Bold Patterns

If colour is important to you and you really want to make a statement, a bold invitation design might be the right choice. Patterns are a great way to go about this, allowing you to cover a large area while still getting the different colours in there and including fun design elements.



Interested in something nature-inspired but not as ‘girly’ as a floral design? Leaves might be for you. Pair foliage and other greenery with gold foil stamping or other yellow features for a natural-feeling green and yellow colour scheme.



Florals are always in style when it comes to weddings, so they’re the perfect theme for your wedding invitation suite. Whether it’s cute yellow daisies, daffodils, roses or some Australian wattle, yellow and green are everywhere in the botanical world, and a wedding is the perfect opportunity to channel that garden feel.


So there we have it! It might not have crossed your mind before, but why not consider a green and yellow colour scheme for your big day? Starting as early as the invitations, it will be a stunning choice that can be seasonal or fun, bold or a quiet achiever.

This was a guest post by Maddison Wallace from Paperlust. Maddison is head of content at Paperlust. She is a communications professional, postgrad student, part-time librarian, and occasional wedding photographer. She loves words and drinking cups of tea.


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