Valentine's Day Design Roundup 2015 - Part 2

First and foremost, did you see Part 1 of our Valentine’s Day Design Roundups for 2015? Super cute, check it out here!

The cuteness continues with the second part of our Valentine’s special featuring a romantic love quote, cute jelly legs, crystal ball fortune, Zentangle art and an adorable little fox design!

Valentine’s Day Roundups Part 2:


Veronica Foley of Veronica Foley Design

Love Quote

“I fell in love with this Eric Dillard quote the first time I saw it, because it perfectly captures that feeling of “coming home” that goes along with falling head over heels. I decided to keep the design pretty pared-down to let the words work their magic all on their own. I chose brown kraft paper to give the card a rugged but warm feel — though the card is also available printed on the luxurious white cotton savoy card stock I use for my fine stationery.”

See the complete listing or full collection on their Etsy shop.


Vivian Yeung of For the Love of Stationery

You Turn My Legs to Jelly

“You know that feeling when you see that special someone & you get all excited to see them.. You know how your heart beats a little faster & all you want to do is run towards them but wait.. your legs are not thinking the same.. Perhaps it is a bit tricky to put into words.. so why not ask food to help you. With food, all things are possible.”

See the complete listing or full collection on their website.


Diane Zerr of Faye & Co

Fortune Teller

“Here is the fortune teller card, which I just LOVE! While this card still has my signature lettering styles inside of the crystal ball, it’s more illustrative than what I’m usually used to putting out there. I was really excited to list it in my online shop, and love the reactions I got when I fist put it up. It’s also unique for a Valentine’s Day card as it’s not your usual hearts and flowers, or typical color palette used by so many.”

See the complete listing or full collection on their Etsy shop or website.


Starla Snead of Designs by Starla

Zentangle Shell Art

“Along with Calligraphy and Engraving, I am also a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher). Zentangle is the art of making abstract designs using repeating patterns and strokes. At my certification class in Rhode Island, someone brought in a basket of shells for us to take home. I Zentangled two of them for my two sons as a coming home present. They were a hit! I used a gold Sharpie paint marker for the design and a Sakura Identi-pen for the red calligraphy.”

See the full collection in their Esty shop or website.


Monika Natius of Little Dove Design

Little Fox

“This Valentine featuring a cute little fox delivering a heartfelt message was actually inspired by a drawing my daughter had done. Originally, it served as the invitation for her woodland themed birthday party. I had recreated several iterations of her drawing and finally settled on this more graphic version. I feel that this little guy is so lovable, that he deserves a Valentine Card as well! He has charmed adults and children alike. Therefore, I am offering the cards in both “sets” and as “single card” purchases. It is digitally printed on felted cotton paper with matching red envelopes. The sets are great for children to pass out to their friends and classmates. If you are interested in seeing the original illustration that inspired our little fox, you may view it here.”

See the complete listing or full collection on their Etsy shop or website.


Thanks for being our Valentine! <3
Jani and the WeddingLovely team

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