I’m a huge fan of alternative wedding blogs, especially those that promote a down to earth affair that really captures the individual couple’s spirit, rather than just the wedding industry current trends! So pleased to have Kat of Rock n Roll Bride here for our latest blogger interview, and make sure to check out her site!

Photography Credit: Made U Look Photography

How did you get into wedding blogging?

My story isn’t that remarkable or different to that of many people who get into the wedding industry. I started my blog when I was planning my own wedding to Gareth in 2007. At the time I didn’t even consider this could become a career, I simply wanted a place to collate all my wedding ideas and inspiration.

Throughout my planning I discovered American wedding blogs. I loved the instant nature of blogging – how you could comment and feel part of a community. I wanted to be a part of that. After my wedding was over I didn’t want to give up weddings or blogging so I decided to morph my blog into a place for alternative wedding inspiration. Although I loved the wedding blogs I’d found throughout my plans, none of them catered to the specific kind of bride or style of wedding that I wanted – the alternative, the offbeat and the Rock n Roll.

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Where are you located?

Reading, UK.

What sites or blogs do you visit daily?

I subscribe to all my favourite blogs via Google Reader so i can keep up to date. I read most other wedding blogs but my favourite sites and lifestyle blogs inclucing galadarling.comnubbytwiglet.com, and abeautifulmess.typepad.com.

When you aren’t blogging, what are you doing?

Shopping, hanging out with my cats, going out for dinner with my husband or my BFFs.

Are you a full-time blogger?


What do you look for in wedding submissions? Do you have any tips for photographers who would like to be featured on your blog?

My main criteria really would be that the couple have a wedding that’s a true reflection of them. So, for example, if they love tattoos, 50s music and dancing they might have a rockabilly themed wedding. The theme isn’t important to me though, just that the couple do something perfect for them – that’s what makes them Rock n Roll… that they’ve ignored what the wedding industry says they have to do and have done their own thing!

I also like to feature weddings with a lot of details – i.e. the extra ‘stuff’ they decorate their wedding with – props, flowers, stationery, cakes etc. My readers are generally brides to be coming to get ideas for their own wedding so this kind of ‘stuff’ is what they’re looking for.

Tips for photographers would be:

  • Send low res images focusing on the details and the portraits initially.
  • Keep your processing consistent.

What is your favorite wedding trend?

2012 was the year of the detail-heavy ‘blogworthy’ wedding. Bunting, cupcakes, tents, tipis, mason jars, bicycles covered in flowers… it was the year of weddings with lots of ‘stuff’. With so much wedding inspiration around on wedding blogs, I think that engaged couples are starting to feel a certain amount of pressure to make sure they have the right ‘stuff’ for their day – to make it look a certain way, or have certain things. So my favourite ‘trend’ right now – and one that i feel will be even more prevalent in 2013 – would be that couples that rebel from this and have low key and simple weddings – elopements, small family gatherings, less pressure and less ‘stuff’. Weddings taking inspiration from nature and the natural elements around their chosen venue will dominate rather than adding lots and lots of extra ‘things’.

What wedding trend are you ready to see left behind?

Cupcakes, bunting, mismatched crockery.

What is your favorite blog post on your site?

That’s an impossible question! One of my recent faves has got to have been whit & colby’s ‘non-wedding’ though.

Best advice for brides?

Be yourself, do your own thing, ignore what everyone says you should do/have and remember you don’t have to spend a fortune to have to married.