Ridding Wedding Day JittersWedding Day Jitters? 4 Reasons Why You Should Sleep On It

It’s nearly time for your big day. For that special moment when you look into your best friend’s eyes and get to say those magical words. You’ve probably taken up permanent residence on Cloud 9, right?

Well, actually…possibly not. Because next to moving home and giving birth, getting married is up there with the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Sorry to break it to you but it ain’t all googly eyes and lovehearts; it’s pissed-off parents, stressful shopping and a budget that breaks more every day.

There’s a whole bunch of factors that can cause wedding day jitters. And these factors can seriously disrupt your sleep – a big no-no for any bride-to-be.

Here are 4 top reasons why you should get some decent Zzz before making that journey down the aisle.

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Say bye bye to Bridezilla

He asked you when you were probably a normal human being, right? Well, the last thing you want now is to become a moody mess, who your poor fiance must tiptoe around for fear of setting you off. (That part will come later.)

Stay rested, stay sane and avoid flipping out if he accidentally uses the word “nice” in reference to your bouquet. When obviously, nothing short of “phenomenal” will do. Tone down the Bridezilla and he won’t regret popping that question.

How to Beat Wedding Nerves

Have the wedding of your dreams; not someone else’s

Sleep deprivation can severely impair our ability to make decisions. So if you don’t get enough sleep in the months leading up to the big day, your intimate occasion with muted colors can turn into a garish circus before you can say, Kardashian.

So get enough sleep, stick to both of your preferences rather than taking onboard nosy Auntie Jean’s advice, and you’ll be just fine.

Look your best

There’s a reason why bachelorette parties now take place at least a couple of weeks before the wedding. Mainly to ensure that the bride turns up instead of being chained to that lamp post with her L plates aflutter; but also to ensure that the groom doesn’t face a hungover, pasty wreck when he lifts up that veil. Ew.

Similarly, you don’t want to look like a zombie when you say “I do”. So while it might be easier said than done, getting enough sleep before your wedding is absolutely crucial when it comes to how you look and feel on your big day. No amount of pre-wedding facials and carefully applied bridal makeup can truly disguise puffy, red-rimmed eyes, pallid skin, and dark circles. So get that beauty sleep in and dazzle for those wedding pics.

Get to the chapel on time

Big tip for the night before – get to bed early! Not only for the reason above; staying up late can have far worse repercussions than looking a bit peaky. If you’ve ever seen any wedding chick flick worth its salt, it’ll have a flustered bride or groom racing to make it to the wedding on time. Trust me, arriving in a sweaty heap is not how you want to start your day. Nor is it fair to make your groom any more nervous than he already is at the altar!

So resist the temptation to rewrite your vows for the thousandth time, put down that third glass of Dutch courage wine that your bridesmaids are coaxing you into and settle down as early as you can. And hey, if you need to bring your own props to your wedding venue, so be it!

Once you learn how to get more sleep, you’ll be far less jittery about the big day. And if not, remember that these nerves are only natural…it’d be weird if you were totally calm! Remember that at the end of the day, it’s just the two of you. Any other distractions or obstacles will work out and you’ll get the “happy ever after” that you deserve.

WeddingLovely and The Sleep Advisor teamed up to share with planning couples why a good night’s rest is so important.