We’ve showcased the gorgeous wedding of Laura before on the blog, and now we’re bringing you some of her DIY projects!! First up are these neat table numbers using picture frames.

Our DIY Table Numbers were the perfect kind of wedding project – simple & easy to make, yet personal and unique. I loved the idea of giving our guests a few random tidbits of information about the hubs & I as a couple, especially considering some of our guests were meeting one of us for the first time!

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If my wedding were a PBS broadcast, it would definitely be “Brought to You By Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store – Where Laura Spent Nearly Every Weekend During her Engagement” (well, that hasn’t changed, I still frequent my local Michael’s most Sundays…)

Anyway, when I saw these wooden picture frames for $1 a pop, inspiration struck. I loved the heart-shaped window for the table number, since the heart was a theme throughout our wedding stationary and decor. The space to the right of each window could have been filled with lots of different and fun things- a different picture of the couple on each table, a meaningful quote or song lyric, or a pretty burlap or paper flower adornment. I opted for some fun, unusual, and silly facts about our relationship.

I painted both sides of each frame with Martha Stewart Vanilla Bean craft paint. I only needed one coat per side, and it took me two bottles of paint to cover all 15 frames. (I ended up only needing 14, but it didn’t hurt to have an extra!)

I printed the table numbers on paper leftover from my DIY invitations, using the same Campland font as seen throughout my self-designed paper products of the day. Then I simply traced the cardboard heart insert from the frame to cut out each number. I left the cardboard behind the table numbers in the window for some reinforcement.

Then the hubs and I set to work coming up with a little fact that would coordinate with each of the table numbers, 1 through 14. Some were super easy (like the month we started dating (2- February) and the month we got engaged (12- December). Others were a bit more creative, like the number of pet friendly vacations the hubs & I have taken with our pup Emma (5) or the number of weddings we’ve been to together since we began dating (4- not including our own!)

The facts are printed on my invitation paper, glued to a rectangle of burlap, then onto the frame. I used wood glue to attach the burlap to the frame, and it held perfectly.

DSC_6064 copy

So, what do you think? Slightly more interesting then a simple number, right? And maybe our guests learned some silly new facts about us. I enjoyed this project- and I think hubby did as well, since we had fun working together to come up with the little facts. This project only cost $15 – the price of fifteen frames, since I already had the paint, paper & burlap!

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Thanks Laura! This article originally appeared on her blog, Some Kind of Lovely Ride. Make sure to check it out!

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