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What’s a wedding DJ’s job? To play music on your wedding day, right? Wrong! A true professional DJ does much more than just play music. They provide uniquely personalized entertainment for your big day. If you want your wedding reception to be a remarkable celebration party, your wedding DJ will make that happen. And it takes much more than merely music playing to create an unforgettable event.

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DJs Mix Music To Keep The Party Going

An ipod plays music. If that’s all a DJ did it wouldn’t worth hiring one for your wedding. You could just use an ipod and get the same result. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A good DJ mixes the music seamlessly from one song to the next. By mixing music the DJ keeps the music going without having to stop in between songs. This small distinction makes the world of difference on the dance floor! If the music is allowed to stop in between songs, many people will see that as an opportunity to sit down. Maybe aunt Jane dragged uncle Joe on the dance floor to dance to that special song the DJ played. If given the chance, uncle Joe will sit down once the song is over. And a professional wedding DJ knows this. Unlike a dance club full of people who came to dance, weddings are often times full of people that don’t dance, are just there because they’re related to the bride or groom, or only came because of their
spouse. A DJ knows how to get those people dancing. Can an ipod do that?


Wedding DJs Know How To Read The Crowd

One of the biggest challenges wedding DJs have is appealing to the entire crowd. Playing music at a bar or club is one thing; playing music at a wedding is another. There are so many different variables at a wedding – some people are young, some are old. Some people like rock while others like country. Usually, dance clubs cater towards a specific crowd. Maybe they want to attract a large number of people, so they play top 40 music. Or maybe they want to be in a niche, so they play house music. At weddings, DJs have to play music that appeals to people of all ages. You’ll often see everything from babies to senior citizens at weddings. Knowing what songs to play throughout the wedding day is no easy task. That’s why hiring a DJ with wedding experience is essential to the success of your wedding reception.
He/she will be able to play a wide variety of music genres to keep everyone happy.


Wedding DJ & MC

Though mixing the right music at the right time is essential for any DJ, a wedding DJ has another important responsibility – to be the master of ceremonies (MC). The MC is basically the conductor of the event. They will be the one on the microphone giving the announcements and keeping the guests informed and engaged. A good MC will make your wedding a pleasure to attend and leave an everlasting mark in the minds of your guests. Some DJ companies have one person DJ and another MC. Others have one person do both jobs. Either way, it’s imperative someone takes on the role of the MC. This one reason alone is enough to hire a professional for your wedding.


Wedding DJs Plan Your Personalized Wedding With You

Wedding receptions are more than just music playing inside a building. There are other activities besides dancing, including the bouquet toss, garter toss, and cake cutting. While the DJ will likely also be playing music during these times, if that’s all he’s doing then he’s not doing his job right. A seasoned wedding DJ will direct the crowd and tell them what to do, whether it’s sit down, stand up, or shut up. Hopefully, all with a style that suits your taste. A good wedding DJ will sit down with you before your wedding and ask you lots of questions to understand your vision of your big day. He will then use that information to customize a wedding plan that perfectly suits your taste and preferences. Maybe that will show in the way he makes your introductions for your grand entrance, possibly being humorous instead of overly formal. Or maybe he’ll offer some suggestions to make your wedding as unique as you are. In summary, a wedding DJ’s real job is to ensure your wedding goes exactly how you want it to. With his knowledge and experience he will help plan and direct your wedding in a way that fits your personal style, taste, and


In summary, a wedding DJ’s real job is to ensure your wedding goes exactly how you want it to. With their knowledge and experience, the DJ will help plan and direct your wedding in a way that fits your personal style, taste, and personality. Besides playing music, a professional wedding DJ plans your dream wedding with you, mixes the music to keep the party going, knows what songs to play at the right moment, and conducts your wedding as the MC. When choosing your wedding DJ, don’t just think of them as someone who plays music. They’ll impact your reception more than just about anything else. Pick one you like and feel confident in. Together, you’ll create the big day you’ve been looking forward to for all these years. May your wedding be everything you dreamed of.


Jeremy Kinney owns an Orlando-based DJ company specializing in weddings. He’s passionate about sharing information to help people plan their big day. He does so on his blog. To learn more about Best Choice DJs, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.