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Wedding dresses have traditionally been considered to be a symbol of commitment and love for a bride and groom on their wedding day. The colour of white has been traditionally used and symbolises the purity of the bride’s soul. However, this colour wasn’t always a popular option at weddings. During the 18th and 19th centuries, women chose to get married in a white wedding dress if they could afford it, rather than choosing the colour due to its connotation with purity. Before the Victorian times, a bride got married in many different colours including black which was really popular in Scandinavian countries. The white dress for weddings was made popular by Queen Victoria who married Prince Albert back in 1840. She wore a lace-trimmed white satin dress with a lace veil and an orange blossom wreath, as opposed to a crown. The main colour preferred at the time was red so it was definitely an eye-catching moment to see the Queen wearing white instead.

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In the early 19th Century, wedding dresses became much shorter which was a reflection on the growth in disposable income for Americans and Europeans. During the time of the great Depression, brides would just wear their best dresses as it was impractical and too costly to adhere to the customs set down by their grandmothers. For Eastern cultures, in countries such as China, India, Pakistan and Vietnam, a red coloured wedding dress was chosen which symbolised the opportunity for success. In Japan, a bride usually wore a traditional, white kimono but then could change into a red one, after the ceremony as a sign of good luck. In Western cultures, getting married in different coloured wedding dresses, such as pink, yellow, purple or red is not uncommon or unusual. Brides nowadays tend to follow trends in the latest fashions or to fit in with the theme of the decor.

Modern Wedding Dress Styles

In recent times, there have been some great examples of fine wedding dresses from the Royal family, such as The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in her stunning white dress or the late Princess Diana, Princess of Wales with a 25-foot train which was the longest one used in the history of royal weddings. Many celebrities have also featured many memorable dresses on their special occasion. Kate Moss chose to wear a Galliano, classic 1930s kind of dress. Victoria Beckham got married to David Beckham in a Vera Wang gown before changing into purple outfits for the reception. Others who dazzled on their wedding day include Gwen Stefani in 2002, with a custom-made dress, Kate Bosworth in an Oscar de la Renta dress back in 2013 and also Kiera Knightley in a dress made by Karl Lagerfeld, in the same year.

The Future of Wedding Dresses

With the rise in acceptance for same sex couple marital traditions as well as non-western traditions, we may see the bridal dress evolve into different styles and colours. Brides around the world are increasingly opting for the more unusual wedding dress designs, for example floral prints wedding dresses or gowns which are off the shoulder. Guests who attend weddings nowadays should be prepared to see the bride’s wedding dress which is eye-catching, stylish, memorable and hopefully one which will suit the bride perfectly.

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