Wedding Tips and Tricks
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Save time, money, and energy with these expert-approved wedding hacks.

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Wedding Hacks for the Bride
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Create the ultimate wedding registry

When it comes to creating a registry, if there was a way to have your cake and eat it too, would be it. Let’s face it, you don’t shop at just one store. So, why would you limit the number of places from which you can register? MyRegistry lets you create gift lists at as many stores as you like and then combine them into one universal registry. Huge bonus: Whatever signup incentives the stores give you (free gifts, completion discounts, etc.) are yours to keep!

Wedding Planning Advice
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Discreetly number your RSVP cards

Put an inconspicuous number on your RSVP cards that corresponds to your own numbered guest list. Terrible handwriting and missing names (it happens, just wait!) are no match for this foolproof little maneuver.

Lifehacks for Bride To Be
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Seal envelopes without licking them

Engagement party invites, wedding invites, thank you notes—it can feel like you have a million envelopes to seal. Well, fret not. To keep paper cuts off your tongue—and that awful glue taste out of your mouth—use a clean household sponge dampened with water. Just be sure it’s slightly moist, not wet, or you could end up damaging the contents inside.

How to be Efficient Wedding Planning
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Color code your seating chart

Surely you’ve heard by now that tackling a seating chart is no small task. We won’t lie, it’s a huge pain. But it can be made less bad with color-coded sticky notes. Assign a different color to each set of guests and then pen in individual names. Need to rethink placing the IT guy from work next to your single-but-ready-to-mingle Aunt Susie? No problem.

Tips and Tricks for Every Bride
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Sidestep writer’s cramp

When it’s time to send out thank you notes, you won’t believe how many times you have to write out your return address. Sure, you can order those run-of-the-mill sticky labels, but a custom return address stamp is infinitely more elegant—and cost-effective, too. Just replace the ink pad after every few hundred uses and you’ll go on stamping forever (or at least until you move).

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