We just love letterpress! In celebration of our collaboration with Ladies of Letterpress, I thought it would be perfect to showcase some letterpress invitations. If you are a WeddingInviteLove vendor offering letterpress, you should look into joining them and adding their beautiful badge to your profile!

Dingbat Press WeddingInviteLoveDingbat Press


The Pink Orange WeddingInviteLoveThe Pink Orange


Fiore Press WeddingInviteLoveFiore Press

Studio Slomo WeddingInviteLoveStudio Slomo


The Aerialist Press WeddingInviteLoveThe Aerialist Press

Girl Metro Inc WeddingInviteLoveGirl Metro, Inc.


Design des Troy WeddingInviteLoveDesign des Troy


Design the Date WeddingInviteLoveDesign the Date


Interested in joining Ladies of Letterpress? (remember, you don’t necessarily have to be a lady!) Basic membership is free, but if you want to pay (starting at $60/yr, or $25 if you’re a student), there are plenty of benefits.

Sign up for free here, or see the benefits of a paid Ladies of Letterpress account here!