Sometimes, less can be more! This week I browsed WeddingInviteLove and found some bee-you-tee-full invitations that were printed in ONE color. When you are printing with one color, it can expand your budget  to allow for more things – like letterpress and engraving! Or, save it for your honeymoon. :)

Wrapsody WeddingInviteLoveWrapsody


Marit Hanson Weddings WeddingInviteLoveMarit Hanson Weddings


Anticipate Invitations WeddingInviteLoveAnticipate Invitations


YellowBrick Graphics WeddingInviteLoveYellowBrick Graphics


Nellia Designs WeddingInviteLoveNellia Designs


Plum Blossom Press WeddingInviteLovePlum Blossom Press


Studio SloMo WeddingInviteLoveStudio SloMo


Inviting Affairs WeddingInviteLoveInviting Affairs


Sweet Peony Press WeddingInviteLoveSweet Peony Press