Here at WeddingInviteLove, we get really excited when we see invitations that are not the typical card + envelope combo. Don’t get us wrong, we love all the creativity that our vendors (we have over 300 to choose from! yay!)  share with brides – but it’s so fun to see stationery that dares to be different. This week, we’ve gathered a selection of these invitations for you…let’s call em’ rebels!  Enjoy, I know we did.


Akimbo Stationery Designer WeddingInviteLoveAkimbo


Invitation Creations Designer WeddingInviteLoveInvitation Creations, LLC


Royal Steamline Designer WeddingInviteLoveRoyal Steamline


Uniquely Inviting Designer WeddingInviteLoveUniquely Inviting


Invitation Twist Designer WeddingInviteLoveInvitation Twist


Hoot Invitations Designer WeddingInviteLoveHoot Invitations


Oslo Press Designer WeddingInviteLoveOslo Press


Rotated Designs Designer WeddingInviteLoveRotated Designs


Ice Cream Social Designer WeddingInviteLoveIce Cream Social


ChicLeVogue Luxury Couture Invitations WeddingInviteLoveChicLeVogue Luxury Couture Invitations


These invitations are just one way of being different. You don’t have to stop there, weddings give you many opportunities to break the mold.  As a matter of fact, we gathered up some really unique guestbook ideas on Pinterest for you. Go look, you’re sure to be inspired!