It’s no secret that your invitation is the first thing your guests are going to see that will give them a glimpse into the magic of your big day.  So, why not add as much of your personality and style into designing them as you do your ceremony and reception?  When it comes to wedding stationery and today’s unique and creative couples, there are countless ways to personalize your paper.  But let’s try counting them anyway, shall we?

Photo credit:  Denise Ante Photography

No. 1:  Color

It’s a given, right?  Although a somewhat obvious choice, how the colors of your wedding are used in your invitations can be a powerful reflection of your personality and the tone you’re trying to set for the big day.  Whether using bursts of bright colors or just a few subtle accents here and there, color can provide a wonderful preview of what’s to come.  (And that grosgrain ribbon is a great way to add a bit of texture, but we’ll get to that in a minute…)

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No. 2:  Texture

Often overlooked, texture can play an important role in the message your stationery is meant to convey.  If you’re a more modern bride, a sleek, smooth paper may speak volumes to your stylish affair.  Or, if you’re exchanging vows seaside and looking for a way to bring the beach to your guests’ doorsteps, a natural woven paper could be just the “touch” you’re looking for.  (Notice the envelope liners?  One more way to add details that reveal more about your big day.)

Photo credit:  Denise Ante Photography

No. 3:  Graphics

Think of your invitations as works of art and use the graphics to express your unique style and flair.  From bold illustrations to an understated use of typography, graphics provide endless possibilities in realizing your vision.  And, with permission from your favorite artist friend (the talented Robin Ewers drew those poppies for us), adding custom artwork is one more way to make your invitations truly unique.  (And how about some photo corners?  Another fun little way to add a hint of vintage to your stationery.)

Photo credit:  Denise Ante Photography

No. 4:  Details

And finally we get down to the details.  Yes, there’s more to consider than just color, texture and graphics when it comes to designing your stationery.  Unexpected additions such as creative inner envelopes, tags tied with twine and one-of-a-kind inserts will get your guests excited for the big day.

Photo credits:  top left, Denise Ante Photography; top right, Ian Pascoe; bottom left, Mandy Paige Photography

And who says you have to stop with the invitations?  Carry your colors, textures, graphics and details through to your “day of” pieces as well; programs, seating charts, escort cards, table numbers, favors, and signs (just to name a few) are all pieces of the puzzle that keep your guests informed and engaged in what’s happening.  Adding your own special touch to every piece of paper will make for a truly unique, personalized celebration of your love.

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