How important do you think music is to a wedding? Think about it this way. What do wedding guests remember a year after a wedding? Do they remember how good the food was? Probably. Do they remember how the room looked? Probably. Do they remember the bride’s wedding dress? Probably. Do they remember if they had a good time? Most likely.

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Music played sets the mood of the wedding. Whether the music is fun and upbeat or more black tie traditional, people remember if they enjoyed your wedding. Yes, it is YOUR wedding and you cannot make everyone happy. However, you can select music that will make the majority of your wedding guests happy.My Wedding Songs — Music Planning At Its Best!

Just how do you play the right songs? First, book a DJ or band that are entertainers and not just music players. A good entertainer keeps the dance floor packed with people dancing. If no one is dancing, they have the knowledge of how to get the party started and keep it going.


The fun should be left to the entertainer. But, what about all the meat and potatoes of a wedding itinerary? Do you know what song you will play for your grand entrance into the reception? What song will you play for your first dance as a married couple? Do you have a specific song in mind to end the evening as a last dance song?

This is why we want to tell you about a new website in town. My Wedding Songs offers you hundreds of song lists to find the perfect song for each wedding event. They can help guide you through all of the wedding events you could consider setting to music. My Wedding Songs has hundreds of song lists no matter your favorite music. You will find songs by era, music style, popular music artists, words in the title and more.


If you want to know the common wedding songs, check out the Greatest Wedding Songs compilation. If you want to know what is hot right now, view the Hot 50 Picks (updated monthly) or the Newly Released Wedding Songs (updated weekly). However, the best place to start is the wedding song playlists page.

Finally, if is just too much trouble to sift through all the songs just to figure out what you want to play for your whole wedding, My Wedding Songs offers an All-In-One Wedding Playlist, for a small fee.


WeddingLovely and My Wedding Songs teamed up to share with couples the latest website and service in town for all your wedding day music planning needs. Visit their website for more info!