This week, I’m switching things up on you. Rather than rounding up invitation designs from WeddingInviteLove, I put a call out there for other paper goods: programs, menus, table numbers, placecards etc. A big thank you to all of you who contributed – there’s so much eye candy that I’m breaking this up into multiple posts. As a stationer myself, I’m excited to share these with you. I think it’s so important that your invitation design be spread out into the details of your big day to truly brand your wedding. It makes SUCH  a difference when things all come together.

Lasso’d Moon

Lassod Moon WeddingInviteLove

There are more lovely details after the jump…

Lassod Moon WeddingInviteLove

Weswen Design

Weswen Design WeddingInviteLoveWeswen Design WeddingInviteLoveWeswen Design WeddingInviteLove

RSVP to Me

RSVP to Me WeddingInviteLoveRSVP to Me WeddingInviteLoveRSVP to Me WeddingInviteLove

All pictures for RSVP to Me taken by Anna Hurt Photography.


Tabibi Design 

Tabibi Design WeddingInviteLoveTabibi Design WeddingInviteLoveTabibi Design WeddingInviteLove
Photo by Katie Triano Photography


Make sure to check back next week for more amazing wedding day details!