Wedding Stationery Trends from Greenvelope (6)

Today’s guest post comes to us from the design team at, purveyor of chic, digital invitations. Enjoy!

Wedding styles are constantly changing and evolving. Whether your personal style leans toward classic, modern, rustic, or whimsical, you can set the scene for your wedding celebration with the latest trends in stationery. Continue reading to see all the trends, or explore our many wedding designs here.

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Wedding Stationery Trends from Greenvelope (5)

Holographic Foil

Shiny, shimmery, and magical, this trend is a nod to each vibrant hue of the color spectrum.  Iridescent and eye-catching, each pop of color is artfully positioned and will add an extra touch of modern glamour to any bachelorette or engagement celebration.

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We love the simple style of navy—a true, go-to classic that is known for striking elegance. For couples who are looking for an invitation concept outside of an ornate trend, navy offers a sophisticated and balanced color palette that won’t overwhelm a design.

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Full Photo

We can get on board with any trend that encourages couples to show off their gorgeous engagement photos. Whether it’s a rustic image captured in the rural outdoors, or an urban setting with modern city flare, incorporating a photo that truly represents you as a couple is the perfect way to kick off your wedding celebration.

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Intriguing, complex, and visually stunning, this trend boasts a wide array of inspirations. Geometric detailing offers a modern feel that can be beautifully complemented by vibrant hues, radiant gem tones, or classic neutrals. Sharp angles and overlapping shapes create dimension without feeling busy—and we especially love the added flare of gold foiling.

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Thematic weddings are catching on, so it makes sense that stationery would follow suit. Ideal for allowing your wedding to tell a story or speak to a shared interest or experience, this trend is particularly suited to the creative couple. Whether the theme is Under the Sea, Harry Potter, or Night Skies, thematic elements can be beautifully incorporated into any style.

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Indian Inspired /Culturally Specific

Repeating patterns and vibrant hues of turquoise and burgundy paint a picture of opulent, luxurious style. We adore the feeling of timeless glamour found in this trend. Warm and inspiringly rich, this wedding stationery style is the perfect piece for any modern couple.


Natural and pure, this trend captures a unique elegance through earthy tones and organic-feeling elements. Matching simplicity of design with purposeful layouts, each detail is able to sing and add a compelling touch of charm to any wedding celebration.

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Romantic Scripts and Corner Detailing

Whether ornate illustrations or simple florals, corner detailing adds balance and framing that doesn’t feel too over-the-top. A touch of romantic script completes the look with a soft, feminine elegance that is particularly on-trend for more traditional wedding styles.

These are just a few of our favorite design trends looking towards the 2017 wedding season. Easily modify any of these modern trends to match your personal style by incorporating simple color additions or design accents. Whether you’re a lover of minimalist elegance or vibrant, artistic designs, don’t hesitate to express your style for your big day.

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