5 Wedding Emergencies You Can Avoid by Being Honest With Your Venue

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Today’s lovely guest post is courtesy of Ariel Chiu, Principal Planner and Owner at Wonderstruck Weddings & Events! Enjoy:

No one wants to deal with stressful or embarrassing emergency situations on their wedding day, especially if it can be avoided. If you are planning your wedding and know there is any type of potential for such an emergency, you should always be honest with the wedding venue about it. They likely have a lot of experience dealing with many types of emergencies at weddings and might be able to give you advice on how to avoid them or at least mitigate the damage. Here are five of the more common emergencies you can avoid by being honest with your venue.

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Divorced Parents

Wedding Emergencies to Avoid

One of the most commons emergencies that occur on a wedding day is when either the bride or groom (or both) have parents who are not-so-amicably divorced. It’s even worse if there are now step-parents involved, and said step-parents were in the picture during the divorce drama.

The last thing you want is to have a big blow up during your wedding day, so tell your wedding venue ahead of time about any major source of relationship tension like this. They can help plan around them to minimize the chances of a blow-up by doing things like making seating arrangements to keep them apart, canceling any speeches, and so on.

Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crasher Emergency

It is not uncommon for weddings to have a friend or family member who was pointedly not invited — or disinvited before the wedding day — due to a falling-out with the couple. Absolutely tell the venue ahead of time so they are aware that your wedding might have wedding crashers if you think they are likely to try and show up and cause a scene.

You can ask for extra security if needed, but at least the venue will be aware that there is a potential for drama, so the staff can act accordingly if your uninvited guests show up and need to be blocked from entering or escorted out. Wedding venues will have experience dealing with this sort of thing and can help suggest things to keep your wedding day protected from such drama.

Inappropriate Speeches

Inappropriate Speeches at Weddings

If you know there is an uncle, cousin, friend, or co-worker who will be invited to the wedding but should not be allowed to give a speech for whatever reason, let the venue and whoever is in charge of the microphones know. That way they can work to prevent it from happening, or suggest ways you can wrangle them using their long experience with such matters.

If that person tries to make a speech, they can quickly cut off the microphone or turn on some music to prevent it from happening before it can start. That way you can avoid an embarrassing speech that contains anything from inappropriate jokes to politically charged rants to airing grievances with other guests.

Alcoholics at an Open Bar Wedding

Managing Alcoholics at Weddings

If you have guests who you know are either recovering alcoholics or who have a tendency to go overboard and behave extremely inappropriately, you should tell your venue. Recovering alcoholics who still want to attend can be sat on the opposite side of the bar area, and for the other type of person, you can warn the bartenders to cut those guests off very quickly. If they have other people get them drinks to get around it, the venue can be prepared to have them escorted out if they cause a scene.

Allergies & Health Concerns

This might seem like a silly thing to advise people to be honest about, but you should always tell your wedding venue if you or any guests have an allergy or health condition. For allergies, the venue can make sure the food menu is planned and cooked to avoid any emergency reactions, as well as having the necessary emergency equipment available just in case.

There are other health concerns that a venue can help accommodate as long as they are warned ahead of time. If you have older guests, they can arrange for easier ways to access the venue — especially if the venue has a lot of stairs. If there are heart problems, diabetic guests, or any other medical condition, they can have the necessary resources to accommodate them to avoid any health emergencies.

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