2012 05 21 Wedding Lovely 5th Avenue 0102
Image from our WeddingLovely Shindig last year!

I’ve been a solo operation for awhile — running seven different websites (and soon to be seven, shh!): WeddingLovely.com, as well as the five separate WeddingLovely directoriesand setting up and running this blog here, blogging 1-3 times weekly. Phew.

While I love working with vendors on features and running awesome posts from our guest editors, I’m really a designer and developer first, and I’m hoping to get back to working full time on building new awesome features for all of WeddingLovely’s properties — new directories, a WordPress plugin, new features, wedding website designs for WeddingLovely.com, and more.

SO — I’m hiring a part-time blog assistant!


  • Approximately 5-10 hours per week.
  • Primary task is simply assisting me in setting up the posts for the blog — our content is mostly contributed, so this’ll means inputing the post from email/PDF/Word into WordPress, resizing and adding images, scheduling, and cross-promoting to WeddingLovely’s Twitter/Facebook/Google Plus/Pinterest accounts.
  • Other tasks we might dive into: Ad management on the blog, content planning, social media posting, original content (aka, writing your own original posts), and essentially helping this blog grow!
  • Paid part-time position, depending on experience.
  • Position is also remote (work from home like me!)


  • Access to computer, of course.
  • Good grammar and spelling (hopefully better than me!)
  • Excited and willing to learn about blogging! I’ve been working with social media, marketing, and blogging for six years now and I’d love to teach someone the ropes.

Nice to have but not necessary:

  • Prior blogging experience.
  • Experience with and access to photo editing software, such as Photoshop.
  • Experience with SEO (search engine optimization).

Essentially, I’m looking for someone to work with me part-time to help me with managing and promoting the blog. There is also the possibility, but no guarantee, that this could grow into a large/more permanent position with WeddingLovely.

Are you interested?(!!!) Email me at [email protected]weddinglovely.com with the subject “WeddingLovely Blog Assistant” — include your resume and any previous experience you have (links to your own blogs or blogs you’ve written for, etc.)


Update: The position has been filled! Thanks to everyone for emailing. :)