500 startups and designer fund

In the past few months, some really awesome things have happened for me (Tracy) and WeddingLovely, and I’m so happy to finally announce them publicly! WeddingLovely is now a part of The Designer Fund, a community of designers who invest in designer founders through mentorship and a small grant, as well at 500 Startups, a startup accelerator that provides even more mentorship, funding, and one hell of a support team. I’m so honored — it’s rare for solo, designer founders like me to be accepted into awesome organizations like these.

What does this mean for WeddingLovely?

I’ve been working on WeddingLovely and building specialized websites (such as WeddingInviteLove and WeddingPlannerLove) part-time for about the last year and full-time the last six months or so using my own funding, and this means that I have the support network to make sure that I can continue building as fast as possible without having to worry about running out of money. I can dedicate 100% of my efforts to building other specialized directories and adding more awesome features to the existing directories as fast as possible. This also means I’m officially looking for expand the full-time WeddingLovely team, and first on the list is finding a partner to start building and leading with me.

This doesn’t mean WeddingLovely is going to go the way of many of those other directories and wedding websites who grow more corporate and faceless as they grow larger. I am not hiring a sales team to start hounding vendors to join my websites. I won’t launch features that’ll compete with my listed vendors. It’s important to me to continue the personal, vendor-focused support that has made the WeddingLovely network so awesome so far. My goal is to make small and independent wedding vendors easier to find in this world of huge corporate brands, encourage community, and make vendors lives easier.

I love what I’m doing (it’s the best job ever), and I’m glad that I have two amazing organizations supporting me. Thank you to all the vendors I’ve worked with so far and everyone who has supported me, and here’s to the future!

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