Get $30 off your first ride with Uber

I love Uber. I love Uber. If you haven’t heard of Uber yet, Uber is an awesome app you can use to call a taxi, private black car, or rideshare. Instead of calling a traditional taxi service, you can use the app on your phone to set your destination, see nearby drivers, track your driver heading towards you (no wondering where the driver is as you’re waiting) and pay automatically for your fare (no calculating tip awkwardly at the end of the drive!)

In San Francisco (near where I am from and Uber’s original launching city), grabbing a taxi is pretty much near impossible. With Uber, I’m generally guaranteed a ride with no hassle within minutes of requesting a car. Amazing. It’s pretty much my fav new app.

More and more awesome couples are using Uber for their wedding transportation, for themselves and their guests, especially now that Uber has launched in most cities and countries worldwide. Even if they aren’t launched in your city yet, it’s worth it to grab the app since it’s invaluable when traveling and you’re in a strange city with strange cab companies.

Just imagine how pleased I was when Uber approached WeddingLovely for a great partnership — Uber is offering all new users $30 off their first ride.

  1. Simply download the app (available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone)
  2. Enter the promo code WLOVELY
  3. …and you’ll get $30 deducted from your fare. Most rides will come in under than amount, so it’s basically giving you a free ride!

Not only can you use this code for yourself, but you can also print out the flyer above (download a large printable version here) and pass out to your wedding guests, friends, family, clients, and customers.

Love Uber like I do? Let us know your stories in the comments, and happy Uber-ing!