What Does a Full-Service Wedding Planner Do?Photo Credit: dreamstime

Planning a wedding is one of the most difficult tasks a couple will undertake during their premarital relationship. The venue, flowers, dress and band; the list goes on and on, and unfortunately, so does the stress. A surefire way to eliminate a portion of your stress is to hire a wedding planner. Whatever you can afford and whatever you need, a full-service wedding planner can help make all your wedding dreams comes true.

Wedding Lovely regularly highlights wedding planners, sharing their personal story of becoming a wedding planner. As you may have read on WeddingLovely or WeddingPlannerLove, a lot goes into planning a wedding, but you also may be left wondering what a full-service wedding planner does. The details, decisions and involvement can be overwhelming, but in steps your fairy god mother in the form of a full-service wedding planner to save the day, or rather wedding.

After Engagement

Once you pick a wedding planner, the real fun begins. A full-service wedding planner is the greatest guide you can have in the early stages of engagement where so much is going on and you have million ideas. Not only will they help you sort of your thoughts and ideas, but they can help you create a theme of some sort.

One of the first things your wedding planner can help with is the budget. Ah, the budget; a big source of stress for many couples. Professional wedding planners are

experts in creating a detailed budget; allotting the appropriate amount of money towards the details that matter most to you, like wedding attire and venue.

After the budget is figured out, you can tap into all the wonderful resources a wedding planner has: contacts. When you begin picking out vendors, you’ll want to see portfolios, listen to songs and taste the food to determine which ones will be the best fit for you and your wedding. If you don’t like someone, don’t worry. Your planner knows of many other options to help you.

There are a lot of components that go into creating a wedding. Instead of struggling to keep the little details organized, your wedding planner will keep track of it all. They can manage deposits, payments and all the other middle-man things you don’t have time for, like invitations.

In addition to helping you pick your save-the-dates and invitations, your wedding planner will address, stamp and mail them for you! Not only will you save time and avoid a few paper cuts, you won’t have to deal with the task of keeping track of them.

It’s also a great thing to note that your wedding planner can be your best friend, mediator, wedding guru and the most organized person ever. A full-service wedding planner really is your go-to for anything and everything wedding related.

The Big Day

After months of planning, creating, testing and envisioning, your wedding day will arrive. This is the big test, last performance, so to speak for your wedding planner. All the details, vendors, people and itinerary must be handled and organized to the utmost precision. Rather than stressing out as the bride, worrying about everything, the wedding planner can take everything off your plate so you can just relax and enjoy the most amazing day of your life.

Here are some wedding day things your planner can do:

  • Make sure things run smoothly.
  • Make sure everyone is on time.
  • Coordinate the vendors so they aren’t in each other’s way, but can still work together.
  • Pay all the vendors.
  • Make sure the guest know where to go and what’s going on.
  • Handle any little issues that may arise throughout the day.

Tackling a career, social life and the enjoyment of being engaged can quickly be pushed aside by the need to plan your nuptials and the after party. Don’t let the planning process get away from you; with the help of a full-service wedding planner, you can relax and enjoy this special time in your relationship and life.

Roger is a consummate lover of weddings, partly because of his beautiful wife who makes him smile every day and partly because he believes in what weddings declare about love.  He spends his days writing about TV and entertainment over at Cable.tv.  Reach out to him on Twitter @RKcart.