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Being engaged is such an exciting time! There are so many things happening during this period and so many things to look forward to. One of the most fun events for many is the bridal shower, where friends and family all come together to love and bless the bride. Since you may have never had a bridal shower before, however, you may be wondering, “What can I expect in my bridal shower?”

The Guests

Bridal showers are so fun because they bring together so many people who may not otherwise be around one another often. Friends and family will oftentimes travel for your shower to make it special for you. You can expect your family and close friends to show up and shower you with love and good wishes! A bridal shower is also a perfect time to gift your bridesmaids with custom bridesmaid robes to wear on your wedding day—they may not all be in the same place again!

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The Decorations

If you have a theme for your wedding, there’s a good chance that the hosts will carry that into your shower. Usually, your color scheme will be integrated into the event through balloons, streamers, tablecloths, even the tableware used. The decorations at your shower may also vary depending on how formal or casual the event is, which will probably also be in line with the kind of wedding you are having. There are so many interesting decoration ideas your hosts can do for you!

The Games

It’s usual to have games at a bridal shower! There are many games, and the hosts of your shower can get really creative with these games too! Quite a few games may revolve around you, the bride, and how well you know your fiancé, so be prepared and know lots of information about your sweetie. Games provide a really lighthearted atmosphere to the event and make sure no one is bored. These are way more enjoyable when everyone participates and has fun with them!

The Gifts

This is probably the most exciting part for any bride-to-be. After you and your fiancé go through and pick out your dream items for your home, the bridal shower is when those come to life! You can expect your family to shower you with gifts as you enter your new stage of life, so be prepared to open gifts in front of people. Along with this, have someone handy (usually your maid of honor) keep track of what gifts you received and who got it for you so you can send out proper thank-you notes after the event!

The Food

There will be some sort of food fare served at your bridal shower. This is largely dependent on the time of day your shower is held, though. If held in the morning and early afternoon, there will probably be light appetizers served, whereas if your hosts hold the event during lunchtime, they may be hosting luncheon for you, with that type of food provided. Having food to snack on helps people stay a little longer and provides something for guests to do. Besides, food is always a hit!

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A bridal shower is a fun event, and it’s important to know what to expect during your shower. Engagement is such a fleeting season, and a bridal shower is a special way to allow your friends and family to bless you as you head into a new season in your life.

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