We love this guest post all about finding a band/entertainment for your wedding. Keep these tips in mind!

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Planning your wedding can be a pretty stressful time if not handled properly, and although I am only tackling one element of planning your wedding day, I think it well help make the process as stress-free as possible.

You want a wedding band that looks great and suits the style of wedding you are going for, you want them to sound great and perform amazingly, and finally you want them to be professional. Professionalism is a topic I will come onto in a moment, but first how do you even find a wedding band?

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To find a wedding band you have a few choices. Your best bet is to go by personal recommendations, but if you haven’t got any friends that have had a great experience with their wedding band, then you need to head to other sources. If you search for “wedding band (your town)” in a search engine then you will see some results of the top wedding bands in your area. Although they may not necessarily be the best bands, they have gained a reputation online and have become visible to you. Shop around and call a few different bands to hear how friendly they are and if they can meet your needs.

Many wedding bands are working under an agent, and so you may speak to an agent who should be able to tell you about what the band offers inside-out.

Choosing the Wedding Band

An important factor to getting the right band comes down to hearing them perform. If you are lucky you may pick a band that do functions that you could attend, or local gigs which are open to the public. Seeing them perform is the ultimate test but if you can’t watch them live, the next best thing to do is to hear a demo or a recording of them on their website. Combine this with checking them out on YouTube to see how they perform and if it suits your idea of your wedding.

Is the Price Right?

Understanding the price and value of the band is key if you are on a budget. Talk to the agent or band member about their pricing and discuss the packages on offer. You should be able to find out about the various services on offer as well as particular requirements from the band such as including refreshments in the cost. This is the opportunity to ask for a breakdown of the cost. Consider asking any of the following questions:

  • What will the total cost be?
  • How much does each member cost?
  • How much am I paying in travel fees?
  • How much does the sound engineer cost?
  • Are you willing to take a playlist for music between the sets?
  • Can I see the set list?
  • Do you take song requests on the night?
  • Am I paying for an agency fee?
  • What is your most popular package?

Be prepared to pay a maximum of £3000 in total and weigh up if this is something you would budget on in order to save money. Wedding bands vary in price and quality so you should look around online to see what other people have said about the band.


Not many wedding planners ask about it, but finding out if the band have depping musicians is really important. Depping musicians are musicians that are on call to cover any of the band members in the case of their absence. If one of the members didn’t turn up on the day this could be a detrimental if there is no depping musician in place.

Would you like the band to be separate from the party in between sets? If so then you need to think where the band can relax and get changed in the gap between sets. It is these particulars that will make your day run more smoothly.

Tom Clark enjoys writing about music and the music business. He is writing on behalf of Licence to Ceilidh  – one of the top UK ceilidh bands.