This super fun and ultra romantic styled shoot comes to us from Amanda MacPhee Studios, based in Frederick, MD! Here’s Amanda to tell us more:

I think this is a wonderful depiction of a wedding day. We start with glamor and setting the stage, then we find ourselves transported to a magical world where everything seems so fantastical you begin to wonder if it’s actually happening, and then there’s the point where you realize it is happening and you just can’t contain your excitement! You are here. Getting married!

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We started in front of a gazebo dripping in gorgeous greenery, sparkling chandeliers and florals. This is where we got our “glamor shots” and set the stage for the narrative about to take place.When we moved down to the bridge, we found a variety of small flowers hung from the trees in glass spheres and the effect was truly magical.

Once everyone started getting comfortable as a bride, their characters began to take shape. Some became Queens, others let themselves get swept away into a romantic embrace and some couldn’t stop smiling and spreading joy, twirling and dancing! It was literally like watching a fantastic tale unfold right before your eyes!

We finished at the top of the hill as the sun was just setting with the Red chaise sitting on the hill surrounded by rose petals and draped with greenery. This was our grand finale and with a little help we got those rose petals up in the air and the perfect celebration going on at the same time! Everyone was hugging and laughing and being real and I loved it!

We were able to incorporate the fantasy as well as the real elements that go into a wedding day. Sometimes it feels unreal. Like this can’t truly be your wedding day! Is this actually happening? And then there are times where it’s all too real and you can’t help but cry or laugh. And what’s perfect about all of this is both are beautiful!

Thanks, Amanda! For more information about Amanda MacPhee Studios, please visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile.

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Photographer:  Amanda MacPhee Studios
Floral Designer: A Bloom Florist
Bridesmaid Store: TLC Bridal Boutique
Location: Historic London Town & Gardens