I’m so excited about today’s guest post. As a stationer, I love to see brides go the extra step to pretty up their envelopes by hiring a calligrapher. Lynda, from Write Away For You Calligraphy put this together for us. Isn’t she great? :)

Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

I guess some consider calligraphy to be a luxury, not a necessity in their wedding planning process. Yes, hand calligraphy does cost more than the computer generated alternative, this is because of the time, experience, and eye for detail needed to execute accuracy, but a calligrapher is also one of the least costly vendors on your list, and yet can do an important thing – relieve you of a time consuming responsibility and set the tone for your wedding day. Calligraphy enhances your invitations creating a ‘wow’ factor when they arrive at your guest’s home, which makes hiring a calligrapher a worthwhile investment!

Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove
The first thing your guest is going to see that is associated with your wedding is their invitation envelope in their mailbox. Seeing calligraphy on an envelope will immediately call attention to your invitation. Calligraphy will add elegance and sophistication creating anticipation to attend your event.

Each envelope becomes a small gift to your guest as they see their names inked in beautiful writing – your invitation and envelope will become an everlasting memoir of your day. Lettering can portray a formal or informal feel, but either way, it shows your attention to detail.

Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

Usually all that is expected of you is that you have a typed guest list, order extra envelopes and book approx 3 months ahead to be sure you have your envelopes back and ready to go out at least 8 weeks before the event date. Pricing can vary due to geographical location and skill level.

Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

You spend a lot on your invitation suite, why not complete them making them beautiful inside AND out. And don’t forget about table, place cards and signs, all this can be taken care of by hiring a calligrapher.


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