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If you’ve just gotten engaged – congratulations! Once you’ve had time to absorb your new status as fiancé, no doubt your mind is now turning to thoughts of your special day and how to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. No matter whether you’re the world’s most or least organized person, here’s the lowdown on why you should hire a wedding planner. In fact, before you Pinterest a single thing, the best place to start your wedding preparations is to look into hiring a professional wedding planner. Read on to find out why they can be the key to making sure you have the wedding you want at a price you can afford.

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On the outside, wedding planning may seem like a lot of fun, but it can actually be very stressful to organize the event of your life, keep on top of your budget, juggle multiple suppliers and coordinate deliveries, accommodation, bookings and all those important fine details. It can be even more overwhelming when you’re both working and have a busy lifestyle to fit in. Wedding planners can help you have the day that you want, reducing your stress levels massively and best of all they can actually help you save money too. What are the advantages of having a wedding planner?

You can save money

A wedding planner will know how to keep costs down without compromising on that flawless finish.

Guests can be guests

Having a wedding planner means your guests can be guests and can celebrate with you fully, without having to worry about writing place names, sorting out the flowers or taking photographs on the day.

You can have as much control as you want

You’re the client so don’t worry about a wedding planner dictating to you. They’ll take on board everything you say, but their primary goal is to give you a day that exceeds your own expectations.

You can take charge of the bits you like

Terrible at spreadsheets and following up with vendors? But great at finding hair accessories for your bridesmaids? With a wedding planner, you can enjoy the parts you like about the wedding preparations while leaving the legwork and hard parts to your wedding planner.

You get help and support

Often brides and grooms can feel worried about being criticised for their tastes or preferences. With a wedding planner, you can expect absolute support of your ideas because they are what make your couple unique. They won’t impose their style on you because their role is to make the wedding of your dreams come true.

Smooth sailing

On the wedding day, your wedding planner will be checking deliveries, making sure everyone knows the schedule of the day and will be the one triple checking all those important details – from making sure the speakers and microphones are working to double checking the caterers know who’s vegetarian and where they will be sitting. Their role on the day is to invisibly pull all the strings behind the scenes on the day so you can enjoy it without worrying about a thing.

So, how can wedding planners save you money? Wedding planners can save you money in all kinds of ways. While it might seem counterintuitive to pay someone to organize your wedding, actually wedding planners are best placed to get you some great discounts and deals.

Professional wedding planners know their industry inside out. They know the best venues, the dates in the year when things are likely to be cheaper. They’ll have relationships with venue owners, suppliers and caterers, florists, dress designers and more and they’ll have deductions, special prices and money-saving hacks up their sleeves. Why? Because they need to deliver gorgeous weddings on budget for a living. They’ll know how to find a band that charges a fraction of the cost of the one you saw a friends wedding, but who is just as good. They’ll know how to make your flower arrangements look impressive without excessive expenditure and they’ll be able to manage your expectations of what is and isn’t possible with your budget, and will offer solutions where necessary. All of this expertise will save you considerable time, mistakes and cash.

Can a wedding planner come up with a concept?

When you are working with a wedding planner it’s very much a two-way conversation. Together you can decide just how much creative input you want them to have or how much control you want. The advantage of having a wedding planner means that they will be very familiar with various wedding concepts and will know exactly how to execute them. A good wedding planner should be able to take your concept for your wedding and run with it – they’ll spend time getting to know you and your tastes so that they can get things right. You’ll know you’re onto a good thing when they make suggestions that make you even more excited about how things will work out on the big day.

What about all those wedding details?

Wedding planners are incredibly organized but also very clued up on how to add creative touches and those little details that add up to create the ‘wow’ factor. They’ll have endless ideas for invitations, favors, flowers themes and romantic gestures that crystallize the essence of who you are as a couple.

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What is a destination-wedding planner?

If you’re planning a wedding in an exotic location, to combine that honeymoon feeling with your wedding celebrations, then we don’t blame you. Destination weddings are a wonderful way to have a truly exceptional wedding experience. Whether you choose an exotic, picturesque Greek island for your wedding, a well-loved city or a country that you’ve always had a love affair with, getting your loved ones together in a beautiful location will lead to all sorts of wonderful memories.

There will be experienced wedding planners locally in most locations but why not consider a destination wedding planner? These are wedding planners who specialize in destination wedding planning. That means someone who is used to planning weddings in various global locations and knows exactly how to keep costs down and keep that wow factor throughout. From organizing all those flights, hotels, check-ins and regional wedding admin, to clarifying regulations, finding a breath-taking venue, a destination wedding planner will have an international network of contacts that will help keep your wedding on budget.

Maria Travlou is owner of Make Happy Memories, an International blog & Event Planning agency specializing in Destination Weddings in Greece. She is based in Athens but travels a lot. Her business motto is “Tailor Made Happiness”. To learn more about Make Happy Memories, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profileMake Happy Memories, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile.