You guys, this has been a big week! We’ve been busy organizing some great guest posts which will start flowing in next week. WeddingLovely has such wonderful vendors who are eager to give you tips and advice. We’re so excited to share these with our planning brides. Stay tuned.

lunchtimemama via flickr

On the blog this week:

  • On Monday, we interviewed Gavin Farrington. He shared a lot with us, including some amazing photos!
  • We gave you a double dose on Tuesday with an interview by Glacier Park Weddings.
  • We rounded up some awesome Valentines for you on Wednesday, complete with links on where to purchase them.
  • Thursday we took you to the beach for a wedding. Okay, so not really…but we showed you some pretty photos!
  • We interviewed Pickett’s Press–Kate shared great info and lovely work with us.

In other news:

  • On Monday, my wedding was featured on The Knotty Bride. How cool is that? While you are there, read her recaps of “The Bachelor.” You will laugh until you cry.
  • Tracy left for NYC on Tuesday for a week. She’s been working her butt of to make WeddingLovely even more awesome. Wish her luck on her personal twitter @limedaring
  • On Wednesday, we welcomed our 100th Planner on WeddingPlannerLove. Welcome Beyond Events Atlanta!

Tweet! Tweet!

  • As you know by now, our team has grown to consist of Marit (that’s me!) and Tracy. We’re going to make an effort to tag our tweets with “/t” or “/m” so you know who to address if you’d like to make a personal reply. :)

Hey WeddingLovely Vendors!

Do you want to guest post with tips/advice? We’d love to have you. Email [email protected] with your post idea.

Image by lunchtimemama via Flickr