One of the wonderful perks of having a wedding is that you’re going to get gifts. Lots of them. But wait – you and your fiancé have been living together for three years, and you already have a toaster, a blender and two different sets of flatware. You really don’t need any more “stuff.” What you want is an amazing honeymoon, romantic nights out on the town or straight-up cash so you can buy the gifts when you’re ready, use it for your house payment, car payment, or wedding bills. But how do you tastefully ask for cash from your traditional-minded wedding guests?

With the Zankyou cash wedding registry, you really can have it all and at just 2.85%, they have the lowest processing fee on the internet. There are no limitations for what you can register for with Zankyou and whatever put on your registry, you receive the cash value of the gifts, giving you the freedom to do exactly what you’d like with the money without getting any slack from your guests. Plus, you can register for those big ticket items like plane tickets or a new bedroom set, and guests can contribute as much or as little as they like. With its easy to use online platform, your guests will actually be happy you’re using the Zankyou registry.


Zankyou is really like five wedding registries in one convenient package – green registry, honeymoon registry, cash registry, international registry, and charitable registry. Available in 18 countries and 7 languages, it’s the perfect choice if you’re getting married or having guests from abroad. Feeling generous? You can use Zankyou to request charitable donations from wedding guests, which, according to, is “hot” for 2012. As an added bonus, Zankyou offers free wedding websites with tons of tools to help you organize your wedding. What better way to share your Zankyou registry than with your Zankyou website? Two birds, one stone!

Ready to register? Have more questions? Drop them a line at 845-373-6524 or email. Then do yourself and your globetrotter guests a favor and register with

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