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Getting married in the Puget Sound area? You’ll need someone to perform your ceremony!

No matter if you’re having the swankiest wedding at a grand downtown hotel, or getting hitched in your parents backyard, you’ll need someone standing up there saying “I now pronounce you married”. If you’re getting married in a church, problem solved! Otherwise, you’ll need to get a wedding officiant. Some church pastors are willing to do weddings outside of their church, but what to do if you don’t have a church of your own, or don’t want a religious ceremony?

You’ve basically have two options. Hire a professional wedding officiant, or have a friend or family member ordained online. Most of us who are professional officiants would like to see you hire one of us, but having a friend do the ceremony can be a lovely, personal touch. It can also be a recipe for disaster. Think long and hard about public speaking skills, writing the ceremony, dealing with other wedding vendors, etc. before asking your favorite uncle or sorority sister to marry you.

In the Seattle area, there are probably around 100 wedding officiants out there, of which maybe 40-50 do it as a full time living, as opposed to an “on the side” business. You’ll find prices ranging from around $200 to $900+. The average in the area is about $450. You may find some additional charges such as travel, attendance at the rehearsal, and extra ceremonies such as Unity Candles, Handfastings, Cord & Veil ceremonies, etc.

My advice for any bride (and groom!) is to secure your officiant as soon as you’ve set the date and booked a venue. Where they may be an over abundance of photographers and DJ’s in any major metropolitan area, there are not that many experienced, professional wedding officiants.

— Provided by Seattle, Washington wedding officiant Rev. Ray Van Winkle & Associates (website).

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